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Halloween Costumes for Pregnant Women

Updated on August 24, 2014

Pregnancy doesn't mean you are limited to choices for Halloween costumes. It just allows you to get more creative and have fun. In fact, pregnancy gives you costume choices that others wouldn't be able to pull off. Some costumes are better when given a homemade touch, but if you don't have the time to assemble an outfit you can always purchase a maternity costume.

Paint Your Belly

Many pregnant women choose to dress up their future arrival by painting their belly. Some ideas are pumpkin or jack-o-lantern, the world, basketball, a fish bowl, a monkey, child trying to get out, and a baby in the womb. The artistic possibilities are endless.

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Mummy to Be

Take an old white sheet, cut into strips, and soak it overnight in strong tea. Let the strip dry completely and wrap your body with them. You can use brown, gray, and black face make up to look mummified beneath the costume.


Buy a bear costume and cut out the belly. You can then paint your belly with your favorite Carebear design.

Bun in the Oven

Dress up as an oven with a "bun" inside. This is a cute play on words. Even the father of the child could dress up as the baker. Although you can buy the costume, you can also make your own version by using a cardboard box, aluminum foil, etc. Your belly becomes the bun.

Gumball Machine

This is a cute costume. Simply take a clear garbage bag and fill will small, multicolored balloons. You can wear a red skirt or red pants along with a red ball cap. You can cut out a spot in the bottom of the garbage bag to fit your head through. Then cut out holes for your arms to fit through. After putting on the bag and filling it with balloons, use the drawstring of the garbage bag to pull it tight to keep the balloons from falling out.

Zombie Baby

If you are looking for a shock factor this Halloween, consider creating a zombie baby. It isn't difficult to assemble and you are sure to get a few double takes. All you need is a doll that you can cut the face and arms off, some latex, paint, an old t-shirt, and some fake blood. For added affect the mom-to-be can also be a zombie herself using latex, paint, and fake blood as well.

Trick-or-treating From the Womb

This is similar to the zombie baby creation. Simply attach baby doll arms to a t-shirt, add some fake blood, and a small trick-or-treating bag or bucket. You can glue the arms to a base made of fabric, poster board, or whatever else would be lightweight but sturdy enough to support the weight of the arms.

Then cut two small holes in the shirt and using fabric glue, glue the base to the shirt. Then you can use fake blood for an added affect.

Finally, add a small trick-or-treating bag or bucket. You can glue the bag or bucket to the arms so you do not have to worry about it dropping and having to pick it up. If you prefer the bag method, it can be handmade out of felt and decorated with Halloween flair.

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Bunch of GrapesMiss Conception Humpty Dumpty
Bunch of Grapes
Bunch of Grapes | Source
Miss Conception
Miss Conception | Source
Humpty Dumpty
Humpty Dumpty | Source

Bunch of Grapes

This is a simple and easy Halloween costume to assemble. Simply pin green or purple balloons on your clothing. You can opt to add a stem hat or make a headband with leaves.

Miss Conception

Wear a formal dress with a sash that says "Miss Conception" and top it off with a tiara. It is sure to make people giggle and easy to put together for you.

Lady of the Sea

You could adorn a mermaid costume or sea related outfit. Create an oyster shell to encompass your belly and paint your belly white to be the pearl.


Wear a white outfit like a sweat suit or overalls. Paint your face white with black eyes and lips for coals, and a carrot nose. Top it off with a black hat and corn cob pipe. You can even add a scarf and carry a broom.

Pillsbury Doughboy

This is fairly easy to assemble. Simply wear a white sweat suit with the Pillsbury logo painted on it. Then wear a chef's hat. A word of warning, people will be tempted to poke/touch your belly.

Humpty Dumpty

What better way to get ready to ready nursery rhymes than dressing up as one of them. Where a white shirt with Humpty Dumpty painted on it or use your belly to paint on. Take a cardboard box, cut out the top and bottom, and paint it to look like a brick wall. Attach suspenders to it. Next, make a pair of legs to lay over the brick wall.

Toga Mistress

Adorn a toga by using a sheet. You can use a black sheet with an accented gold sash. Put on some sandals, and take a gold pendant necklace and attach it to your hair so the jewel dangles on your forehead. Or you can opt to buy a maternity toga mistress costume at Annie's Costumes.

Hillbilly Bride

This is one that can vary when it comes to a costume. You could use a country-style outfit with a wedding veil and a bouquet of faux wildflowers. Of course you could also use a wedding dress as well.

Maternity Witch

This is sexy costume designed with pregnant women in mind. Wow your husband and guests as being the best dressed witch in the neighborhood.

Maternity Fairy

If you are having a girl, you may soon be introduced to the world of fairies and pixies. What better way to celebrate than dressing a fairy.

Maternity Angel

This is a beautiful costume that shows your sweet side. It is simple and easy to move around in.

Queen Bee

Being pregnant it is a time of pampering and getting ready for the new arrival. Show everyone that you really are the Queen Bee by dressing up as a bee for Halloween.

Regardless of the costume you choose, be sure that it is comfortable and doesn't restrict your movement. Keep safety your number one priority but still allow yourself to enjoy the holiday.

© 2014 L Sarhan


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