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Halloween Costumes for Toddler and Infant Boys

Updated on September 18, 2013

Halloween is that time of year of where your toddler and infant boy gets to be creative to be a scary monster or dress up as their favorite character or hero like Spider-Man or Batman. It can be very difficult at times to find a costume in the stores’ sometimes I like to shop online or just make do of what I can so my child can be what she chooses to be for Halloween.

Here are some ideas to get you going on what to look this year for a boy that is a toddler or infant. These are some good suggestions of what is out there for Halloween this year from Disney characters, heroes, and much more!

Toddler Costumes for Boys

Disguise Inc Toddle Spider-Man Muscle Chest Costume

This is a costume for a boy who wants to be Spider-Man the colors are blue, red, white and black. The sizes for this is from 2T, 3T/4T, Boys Small (4-6).

Information about the Costume

-It is a jumpsuit that is 100% Polyester, which comes with a ½ Mask, and the mask is made out of Polyurethane Foam.

- With the costume of the Toddler Muscle Spiderman your little boy will feel like a super hero.

-Comes with a signature superhero jumpsuit with a muscle torso and arms along with a fabric-cap mask.

-This is great for boys who LOVE Spiderman and a great costume for Halloween, or just to play in.


One customer stated that “My kid has been very into super heroes and dressing like a super hero as of late so we have been buying a lot of costumes. This one has had the highest quality of the bunch.

Another one stated “The costume was perfect and I got it in the mail right away. My son loved it. Everything I expected. “

There have been some bad reviews of this one of where the customer was not happy saying “it wasn’t like the picture.”

View of the Toddler Costumes for Boys

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Spiderman Toddler CostumeBuzz Lightyear CostumeVampire Toddler CostumeJake from the Neverland Pirates Costume for Toddlers
Spiderman Toddler Costume
Spiderman Toddler Costume | Source
Buzz Lightyear Costume
Buzz Lightyear Costume | Source
Vampire Toddler Costume
Vampire Toddler Costume | Source
Jake from the Neverland Pirates Costume for Toddlers
Jake from the Neverland Pirates Costume for Toddlers | Source

Buzz Lightyear Classic Child

This is a costume for a toddler who wants to be Buzz Lightyear from the move Toy Story. The sizes for this costumes are: 3T-4T, Boys Husky (10H-12H), Child (10H-12H), Husky, Medium, Medium (7-8), Small, Small (4-6), T3-4T, Toddler, and Toddler (3-4T).

Information about the Costume

-It is machine washable, with material of: Poly blend.

-From the Toy Story 3.

-A Rex Heapiece with the costume

-5 Piece Costume.

-It is officially a Licensed Product of Disney/Pixar.


One customer states: A well made hit! “This was the costume my little one wanted one Halloween. I was happy to find one in the right size on Amazon. I was surprised at how sturdy it was. No falling apart mid-way through trick-or-treat. The only problem was trying to get it off of my son at the end of the day. He wanted to sleep in it. Then he wanted to wear it the next day too!”

Another customer says: Great for Toddler Boys 3-4 “Great for little boys who love buzz lightyear. The little boy I got this for put it on the second he opened the box and wore it for a week before his mom could get if off of him. Great gift idea!"

Vampire Boy’s Costume

This is a cute little costume for a boy who is a toddler who is into vampires. He can act scary or just stand there and be cute! The colors are red and black. Sizes include: 3-4, 4-6, and Large.

Information about the Costume

-It is 100% Polyester

-Wash it in the machine in cold water, with a delicate cycle. Make sure to tumble dry low, and use cool iron, and do not use bleach!

-Comes with a cape.


One of the customers stated: Super Cute Vampire!! “GREAT COSTUME!!! and very fast delivery and great communication from this seller. Got my order way before the estimate delivery day. Thank you so much!!.. This costume is way better than described and fits so great on my son. LOVE It!!!”

Another customer stated: Prepare for compliments! “Great costume I had so many comments on how great it looked. There were many houses that gave my 2 year old son double candy because they loved the costume so much. It worked out perfectly.” It also said that this costume does not come with pants, so you may have to purchase the pants from somewhere else.

Disney Jake and The Neverland Pirates Jake Deluxe Costume

If your little toddler loves Jake and the Neverland Pirates this would be a great Halloween costume! Or just for him to play in. The colors are blue, brown, and yellow. Child sizes are 2T-6.

Information about the Costume

-The materials is 70% Polyester, with 20% Cotton, and 10% Polyurethane

-Comes with a jumpsuit bandana and pair of boot covers.

-Hand wash.

-The toy weapon is not included.

-Official Disney Princess Licensed Costume


One customer stated: Adorable costume!!! “This costume is a jumpsuit with Velcro up the back. We tried it on our son last night and it was adorable and fir perfectly. I’d say it runs on the small side because I ordered the 2T for my 19 month old who is tall and skinny and the costume just fit! The red bandana is a little cheesy, so I plan to buy a red sash to tie on his head to look more like “Jake” All in all the costume is great!! We also purchased the soft sword to go with it and our son lived it.”

Another customer stated: great. “Good costume brand new my nephew loved it total success at his bday part… great buy for the price paid. recommend it.”

There was a customer complaint of where it stated: “Don’t bother- small and part don’t “work”

Forum Novelties Cowboy Kid Costume

This a fun costume for a boy toddler who wants to play a cowboy or wants to be one for Halloween. The sizes are small and extra small.

Information about the Costume

-It is made out of Polyester.

-It is man-made fabrics and durable and satin resistant.

-It will be a complete costume in seconds.

-A great costume for play and Halloween.


A customer stated: Awesome costume. “We purchased this outfit for a school play so the price was great. He still wears the hat around the house. He was a 3T when I purchased borderline starting to wear some 4T items.

Another customer stated: Beauty Pageant Winner. “My son was a cowboy and he was only a year old and this was adorable on him! He won prince!”

Infant Costume for Boys

Superman Romper with Removable Cape Superman

This adorable Superman costume for your little infant would be a perfect choice! It is a Superman print. The sizes are 1-2 years, 6-12 months, and infant.

Information about the Costume

-It is 100% Polyester.

-You can hand wash it, in cold water, line dry it, but no bleach!

-Comes with a decorated romper with a printed superman logo.

-It has a removable cape.

-Comes with an inner leg snap, so it will be easy to change diapers.


A customer said: Superman costume is adorable “My 6 month old son looked adorable in this costume. I liked the easy removable cape too!”

Fit Perfect said a customer. “This is an adorable costume that fit my son just perfect. It’s too bad the shoes didn’t come with it.

View of the Infant Boy Costumes

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Infant SupermanInfant Elvis Uni-sex Infant CostumeInfant Dragon Costume
Infant Superman
Infant Superman | Source
Infant Elvis
Infant Elvis | Source
Uni-sex Infant Costume
Uni-sex Infant Costume | Source
Infant Dragon Costume
Infant Dragon Costume | Source

Elvis Onesie Costume

The Elvis onesie costume will have your little guy rockin’! The color is white. The sizes are 0-6 Months and 6-12 Months.

Information about the Costume

-It is 100% Polyester.

-You can hand wash it.

-It is officially licensed onesie printed to look like Elvis’ aloha costume with liberty birds.

-Comes with pants, hat, and booties.

-Can fit newborns up to 17 pounds and 27 inches, and also infants up to 22 pounds and 30 inches.


Customer said this: Too cute. “What a great costume. Everyone loved it!! it was true to size, expect the neck opening was a little tight so we had to alter it slightly.”

A customer also said this: the kind has been reborn. “the 6mo+ size fir our 5 month old great- pants were a little baggy but was definitely wearable reasonable quality –haven’t washed it et but I expect we can get another wearing out of this.”

Lil Characters Unisex-baby Infant Monster Costume

Nothing like a cute little monster! The colors are blue, yellow, and orange. Sizes come in 12-18 Months, 18-24 Months, Small (6-12 Months).

Information about the Costume

-It is 100% Polyester.

-Machine washable.

-Lined with a zippered jumpsuit, also with a snap leg closure to make changing a diaper real easy.

-Comes with slip-on booties that are made skid resistant bottoms.


One customer stated: Love it. “Nice and warm for the cold northern north! Easy to put on and take off. I would recommend this one!”

Another costumer says “The cutest costume ever… “Usually when you buy a costume the picture is nothing like what you receive; it usually made with cheaper, crappy material and doesn’t hold up like it looks in the pic. but with this costume it is just as it appears. Colorful and adorable beyond words, soft, doesn’t feel cheap and durable. I got so many complaints on my sons costume and everyone who had a little on wanted to know where to get it. Very impressed and worth the price.”

Lil Characters Unisex-baby Infant Dragon Costume

A fire breathing dragon! This costume comes in the colors of green and blue. The sizes come in 6-12 months and more!

Information about this Costume

-It is made of 100% polyester.

-You can wash it in the washing machine.

-Comes with a lined zippered jumpsuit, along with a snap leg closure to change diapers real easy.

-Has slip-on booties with skid resistant bottoms.


The best! Says one customer. “The best baby/toddler costume out there. it’s soft, comfy, & warm. Perfect for a chilly Halloween. Also love the opening for diaper changing. Very convenient & well made.

Nice! Says another customer. “It is such a pretty costume. It is good quality and very cute. My son didn’t like it very much, but he looked adorable!

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