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Halloween Decorations for Your Yard

Updated on September 25, 2010
Halloween yard decorations, mp3dude,
Halloween yard decorations, mp3dude,

This Halloween, as the night falls, turn your familiar yard's landscape into a spooky ancient graveyard unveiling creepy characters and ghostly silhouettes. Surprise your guests with frightening figures and bone chilling noises and fully envelop them into the Halloween spirit. The secret recipe to the most haunted  yard of the neighborhood is to invest some time and money into some great decorations. Many can be purchased for a fraction of the cost in your local dollar store, but if you really want to impress, then some decorations need to be purchased in specialty stores.

The Best Halloween Yard Decorations

Squashes and Pumpkins

Head to your closest farm or grocery store and shop for some squashes and pumpkins. They should all have nice shades of orange, yellows and red that will add a nice touch of fall to your yard. Select some of the nicest. Keep some pumpkins whole but select the biggest and nicest ones to make nice Jack o' lanterns.

Mysterious Fogs

Bring an element of the unknown by adding a layer of fog to your Halloween night. Fog machines can be purchased online, at specialty stores and in major retail stores around Halloween. A fog machine will definitely add an eerie, dense atmosphere to your yard and will help bring out your Halloween decor.  A fog machine with a timer may come handy so you can set it at specific times.

Spooky Tombstones

In order to transform your yard into a graveyard, you must purchase some tombstones and caskets. You can also get creative and add some skeletons and bones scattered here and there. Enveloped in the fog and with a few cobwebs you may easily create one of the spookiest places on earth. 

Creatures of the Night

When the evening  arrives, creatures of the night stir from their resting places.  Make sure you are not of of creepy spiders. Invest in a remote control mouse and have a friend activate it when your guests walk through your yard. Other creepy creatures that may be added are bats, black cats, owls and scare crows. 

Ghostly Silhouettes

Amidst the dark and fog, a few white figures may stick out from the crowd creating an eerie look. Create some ghostly figures and hang them on your trees creating an element of surprise for your visiting guests. You make them on your own by using some white sheets and stuffing them up. In the dark, they will surely appear intimidating!

These are just a few ideas on how to decorate your Halloween yard. You may get more ideas by visiting your local stores or you may get  some inspiration by taking a look at other people's Halloween decorations. Whatever you choose to do, make safety your top priority. Do not use candles when decorating porches or other places where people with costumes will walk by. And do not use dry ice as it can be dangerous if eaten. Keeping this in mind, try your best to make your yard one of the spookiest places on earth.  It is well worth it when you see the faces of your guests as they walk by. 

More Halloween Decorations

4 ft Large Huge Black Creepy Cloth Spider Halloween
4 ft Large Huge Black Creepy Cloth Spider Halloween

This foam spider is shrouded in creepy cloth! Hang this decoration outdoors to scare trick-or-treaters or indoors to creep out haunted house guests! This eight-legged creature is sure to add fright to your Halloween night!



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    • ftclick profile image

      ftclick 7 years ago

      I'll never forget this huge spider crawling down a black colored house on its roof. Of course, it was in the Melrose area

    • dallas93444 profile image

      Dallas W Thompson 7 years ago from Bakersfield, CA

      Life is what we do today! I enjoy the seasons and the changes they bring. Decorating the house and yard is part of the process. Thanks for sharing.