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Dracula Halloween Tricks Not Treats

Updated on June 26, 2010

The pentultimate treat for any Halloween spook fan has to be a terrifying All Hallows Eve tour spent in none other than Transylvania, ending up in the castle of the original one and only Dracula who was also called Vlad the Impaler. This is a memorable, indeed unforgettable tour of the world famous region of Romania where all of the vampire myths first originated. The tour of Transylvania starts with a sumptous dinner to welcome you to "Club Dracula"! The evening presents to you the extremely "frightening" experiences which you will soon be witnessing. Fortunately at this delectable Romanian restaurant it is the food which is the treat, however the tour presentations are the trick! While dining at the restaurant you will enjoy the theme of the great Dracula Halloween in full living color (black and white and red... lots of blood red!) and in its various forms: the waiters, dishes and even the decorations on the walls hold true to the presentation of Dracula Halloween. And keep in mind that at any moment throughout the evening the infamous vampire will arrive and begin to feast on the feasters!

The following morning the Dracula Halloween trip begins with the journey to what most historians say could very likely be the authentic Dracula Castle: the mesmerizing Poenari Castle. In order to reach the top you have a one thousand four hundred stair climb to the very top of the cliff where the castle is situated and currently sits in ruins. Most fortunately guests are required to climb the 1,400 arduous stairs! It was at this very cliff that the bride of Dracula (the real one, not the Hollywood version), rather than submit to being imprisoned by the Ottoman Turks, jumped off the window and off into the dark and murky waters below... choosing to die than to submit to the Muslim warriors. It is stated by a number of historians that Vlad Dracula was able to escape from this horrific attack on a horse by winding his way through tight mountain passes to evade the Ottoman Turk forces.

The Dracula Halloween trip carries onwards to Sighisoara, which one of the very few standing medieval citadels which is still fully inhabited in Europe. This very characteristic location is the place where Dracula was born, and thus serves as an appropriately blood chilling stay for a Dracula Halloween evening. The guests can participate in the Dracula Halloween party which has been organized for this very special night (masks, fangs, costumes, and much more including gallons and gallons of fake blood). Bright and early the next morning, the guided tour of the citadel is on the itinerary.

The fictional walkway which is mentioned in the original Bram Stoker novel to journey to the historical residence of Count Dracula is where the guided tour continues. The position among the breath taking forest scenery of the Borgo Mountain Pass, with its mysterious mountainsides covered in thick forests of ancient evergreen trees and tiny towns appearing as long enduring testaments to a medieval lifestyle that has remained entirely the same for many centuries since the days of Vlad the Impaler himself.

Continued In: Dracula Halloween Tricks Not Treats Part 2


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