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Dracula Halloween Tricks Not Treats Part 2

Updated on June 26, 2010

The tour guests will spend the evening at the original one and only Hotel Dracula. This marvelous and extremely spooky Hotel was constructed with the traditional architecture of an aristocratic medieval grand mansion in 1983, and it was specifically devised to bring to life an extremely realistic Count Dracula Transylvanian and fully evocative atmosphere which is custom tailored to suit a Dracula Halloween trip absolutely perfectly. It truly is a touch of Hollywood located in the Romanian mountains.

The Bran Castle is what is generally and popularly known as the actual "Dracula Castle" even though the historical tales of this region relate that the physical Vlad The Impaler might have only visited the residence just once when a long lasting and miserable siege was imposed on the mighty castle by the invading Ottoman forces who were trying to annex the entire area of Transylvania.

The magnificent and ostentatious castle was originally designed and constructed in the 14th century by the Saxons who were the invaders at that time, and it represents one of the most admirable, memorable, and picturesque sights in all of Romania, as it is totally surrounded by extremely green and dense forest and an endless array of rolling hills which seems to stretch to the horizon. The spectacular view of Bran Castle is definitely one of the greatest highlights of the very special Dracula Halloween tour.

This completely unforgettable Dracula Halloween tour terminates with a tour of the famous Snagov Monastery. There are a number of historians who steadfastly claim that the actual tomb of the true and real Vlad Dracula lies right here within the grounds of the Snagov Monastery. A special ferry boat must be boarded in order to cross the placid lake which is usually as still as a mill pond even though it is well over half a mile or nearly a full kilometer across from side to side.

It is generally believed by historians and the majority of vampire aficionados that the murder of Vlad The Impaler actually occurred in the nearby forest woods and that the monks fetched his body from the treed wilderness and back to their residence due to the fact that both Vlad Dracula and his father before him had made significant contributions of money and resources to the monastery in the past. Although the modern image of Vlad Dracula also known as Vlad The Impaler is one of a blood thirsty savage sadist, it seems that the real Vlad was a very religious man who felt the necessity and the drive to contribute monetarily to the cause of Christian monasteries.

Vlad Dracula The Impaler was a man of his age, thus we cannot easily judge him by modern standards and ethics. He fervently defended Christianity by subjecting his enemies to unspeakable tortures and maimings, and therefore we have to understand that it was the accepted manner of his era as he was a devout Christian defending his homeland from what he saw as pagan enemies. It is this heritage which lives on and makes the Dracula Halloween tour such a phenomenal way to spend All Hallows Eve in Transylvania!

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