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Halloween Fancy Dress Costume Ideas For Couples: The Maitland's anyone?

Updated on October 12, 2012

Halloween is the best time of year to dress to impress. Long gone are the days where you had to dress up as something scary. These days its all about original ideas and making sure you're halloween costume is unique. If you're going as a couple or a duo you have the opportunity to make some heads turn and be really creative. In this hub we're going to look as many different couples and duo fancy dress costume ideas. Some are ready to buy some you might be able to make yourself some you're gonna wish you read this hub earlier. Feel free to add your own ideas in the comments box at the bottom of this hub. If you're shy or boring, read another hub. This is the best couples fancy dress source.

 Going as a couple give you the opportunity to be really creative and if you like to cross dress you now have the perfect excuse! Here we're going to be super creative and no idea will be frowned upon the more the merrier. So he're we go.

Dumb & Dumber Tuxedo:An Absolute classic, after spending ages trying on the best Tuxedos money could buy they finally settled on a rather dull and subdued Orange and Blue Tux's

Salt n Pepa :No not the spice shakers, I'm talking about the 80's duo that brought us P'P'Push it real good. This would be easy achieve as the 80's fashion never left us.Lycra bottoms, Lycra top, Neck breaking chain (Hardware shops do gold chains by the metre) some high tops and matching college football jacket or a leather motorbike jacket (Lairy one). You can style your hair 80's or get a wig.

Sandy and Danny (Grease): This is another quick and easy one, if you choose to go in the outfits they wore in the "Your the one that I want " scene.

Russell Brand & Katy Perry: Their relationship may have died, but the'yre still a worthy fancy dress duo. Russell has a very distinctive look and reputation which is probably why there are so many imitators on a night out trying take a piece of the action. For him you just need skinny black jeans, open black shirt, and his crazy black hair. Katy doesn't wear very much so to get her look you'll need knee High Boots short skirt, Revealing top and her signature Betty Paige style hair

Wilma & Fred Flintstone:Everybody watched the Flintstones as a kid so this is an instantly recognisable couple, if you want to cement the fact you are a "Couple" at the party this is a good bet.

Batman & Robin: This is a great couples costume as you can buy these, ready to go and the women's Robin Costume is rather sexy and guys we get to wear a cape!

The Chuckle Brothers: To me, to you. Maybe not.

Mc Hammer & Vanilla Ice: The biggest stars of the early 90's. Baggy to the extreme, you have to be able to do the running man or side shuffle to wear these costumes.

Bill and Ben The Flower Pot Men Costume: A childhood classic and an easy one to enssemble. Get down to your local garden nursery and buy the largest plastic plant pot you can get your hands on, this must be one you get yourself in. Then buy smaller plastic plant pots that you'll cut the bottoms out of to put your legs through, buy enough to cover your legs. And one for your head, a mop head will finish your look.

Adam and Barbara Maitland
Adam and Barbara Maitland

Adam & Barbara Maitland (Beetlejuice) Costume: Absolute classic! This would be a very original costume. You could easily make your own Barbara Maitland Costume and Adam Matilands attire. Go one step further and make your mask's from the scene where they go back to scare the deetz's.

Bill & Ted - The 90s axe wealding, time traveling, wyld stallions. Shorts, High tops, flannel shirt tied around the waist with a belly top for Bill and big Smiley face on back of a denim jacket for Ted. Air guitar included.

Mario & Luigi - Everybodys favourite plumbers from the 80's. You can get ready made costumes so are a great last minute costume.


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    • daisydayz profile image

      Chantele Cross-Jones 5 years ago from Cardiff

      We have done Cleopatra and Mark Antony in the past that was pretty fun! Greta suggestions here!