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Halloween Flying Lanterns

Updated on October 29, 2014

Fall into the Leaves

It was a brisk October in Upstate New York. My sisters and I spent the past few weeks raking the leaves. Of course, it was not all work and no play. You can’t have fall without leaves, and you can’t rake leaves without leaping. We took turns getting a good running start, for this is essential in order to make the best landing, then jump for joy. Running, jumping and giggling…these three sisters were having the time of our lives. The crisp air, along with the scent of Maple leaves have never ceased to leave me this time of the year. I can still hear our mother urging us to get the leaves bagged before dark.

1,2,3 Let's jump together sis...

Northern Lights

How easily we get distracted.

As dusk approached, along with the darkness came the fluttering of brightly lit fireflies, or otherwise known as Lightning bugs, in our neck of the woods. Our attention quickly focused on these glowing insects. Each has its own pattern of brilliantly flashing in unison. The males take to the sky, in order to attract a mate. If the female sees a flasher and she is ready to mate however, she will flash back. Here we are mesmerized by this tiny bug, vibrantly emitting such an awe inspiring night show. Fireflies emerge after spring arrives, and even though it is mid-October in 1973, there were some hearty fliers. We ran after them trying to capture them. We placed them in a jar, with holes punctured in the lid. We never did finish bagging the leaves this night, but back in our bedroom we spent the night glaring at the fireflies in the jar. It's fascination stayed with us for hours, until we drifted off to sleep.

Preparation for Halloween

Halloween was a fun time in New York, but there were some distractions that required much thought. Some that come to mind are, egging of houses, toilet papering the trees and soaping windows. We always entertained the trick-or-treaters, but I had some classmates that considered soaping our windows so heavily that you could not see out of them, a laughing matter. After it was over, we spent much time trying to clean the soap from the windows. I made up my mind this was not going to happen this Halloween.

Trick this ...

We had a large garage, with a sink which was useful for the gardening months. I got this idea I would hook up the garden hose to the sink. I could hear the snickering of this group of classmates as they approached the windows. As soon as I heard the soap hit the window, I swung open the side door and drenched them good with the garden hose. The cold water against the night chill was not what they expected. Needless to say, this curbed the idea that I would ever need to spend the day after Halloween washing windows again. Who's snickering now!

Dad's Smiling

As a child, I was a strong, and independent. I put much thought into my actions, and always carried through with my plans. This incident “tickled my dad’s fancy.” He went to work telling his co-workers of what his young daughter did to get even with the neighborhood bullies. I can see him smiling down upon me as I write this. This one’s for you Dad!

My Dad Snickering...

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    • Susan Guinn profile image

      Susan Guinn 3 years ago from Florida

      Thanks to all, for your fabulous comments & support. To Sonja, I would love to know more about this woman, Dine'.

    • profile image

      Sonja 3 years ago

      Brought back fond memories of those days of innocent 'beginerness'...a work coined by a Native woman whose first language was Navajo (Dine'). I knew exactly what she meant. Thank you.

    • profile image

      Shirley 3 years ago

      Great story and funny too! Love it!

    • Randall Guinn profile image

      Randall Guinn 3 years ago from Pinellas Park, Florida

      Yes this is a great story!

    • profile image

      Tina 3 years ago

      Awesome Susan! I love this!

    • Randall Guinn profile image

      Randall Guinn 3 years ago from Pinellas Park, Florida

      A funny and warm story, and see I signed in under my name! Everyone read The Haunted House on Huckleberry Hill