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Halloween Fun On a Budget of One!

Updated on January 14, 2017

It is all about the attitude!

Being a single parent is especially challenging around the holidays and Halloween seems to kick off the season. With Thanksgiving and Christmas following close behind, it is easy to get caught up in the holiday stress before it is even get's here. We happen to be a family rooted in tradition. Even, though my own kids are teens now it is always about this time I start to see that sparkle in their eyes! They don't want to participate in many of the same activities anymore, but they still expect me to offer! Well, that is not entirely true. My seventeen and eighteen year old boys are back to wanting to make cookies, ghost suckers, etc... It is rather endearing and makes me see the value of tradition. I bet their kids will be doing the same things someday (not too soon)!

This page is filled with many ways to start prepping for Halloween now so by the time it arrives you are garuanteed to be in the holiday spirit. Remember, these are ideas.The underlying meaning of this page is to share the importance of traditions. You can pick and choose or completely make up your own. Whether you are pro or con on the topic of trick or treating doesn't make a difference. Some parents choose to focus on fall activities and have a fall festival rather than participate in Halloween.That is fine too. The important thing to remember is that traditions strenghten families and create stability. One of the major barriers many single parents face is creating a physically stable environment. (Due to divorce, work, having to move, etc..) However, it is not the physical environments that has to remain stable. Traditions are a great way to stabilize a constantly changing family.

Here are some single parent secrets to pulling off a successful Halloween season. These are only suggestions, however number 1 and 2 are vital to the plan no matter how they are done.

  1. Don't wait until the last moment to put something together. This will only lead to a big dent in your checkbook. Many of us have been out the night before or even the night of Halloween trying desperately to find even one costume left in your child's size.
    At that point you would probably pay a fortune for that one-time wear piece of fabric that will rip out by the end of the night Starting early saves you time, money, and sanity!l
  2. Pick a theme. Depending on the age of your kids and their interests, this can be anything from pumpkins to zombies. A theme keeps things exciting and focused. It is also fun to go looking for that special decoration or recipe. Using the theme method, allows for the parent to control over spending and kids get a kick out searching for those unique items When I say theme, I mean focus on one topic or character. This year we are doing scarecrows. So our activities will be around scarecrows. I can't stress the importance of this enough. If you don't pick a theme things can get unorganized fast. The one are area I retire the theme idea is when picking costumes. I learned right away that it was not fun for my kids to all go as pumpkins, etc..


Scarecrows, Scarecrow, Everywhere

You guessed it, our theme this year is scarecrows,. Here are some great ideas and recipes for scare crowing events! Remember, it doesn't take a lot of time for your children to feel like they have done something special. These ideas are free or very low cost and they can be done within a few minutes or a couple hours. The following suggestions are things you can do after work. Try using a bowl to put these random quick ideas in. This way the kids feel like they are getting to choose their surprise. Since all the activities in the bowl don't take long, it will save you time and you still doing something productive together.The important thing is that you are consistent in maintaining the events.

  • go on a scarecrow search. Walk or drive around and look for how many scarecrows you find. You can even vote on the best one.
  • Make a scare crow out of old clothes and recycled paper, Part of the fun is deciding and figuring out what you have to use around the house. You do not have to follow directions from another person's project. Make your own!
  • Make little scarecrows out of popsicle sticks. Glue them like a cross and have at it!
  • Make sugar cookies cut out like scarecrows and decorate them. Save time by pre-making the dough or buy it from the store. All you need is scarecrow cookie cutter or you can make your own cookie cutters. That is even funner. Use your imagination.
  • Get books from the library about scarecrows and take turns reading them in funny voices.
  • Dress up and walk around like a scarecrow! Use your imagination and chase aware pretend birds.

The list can go on and on. Use your imagination. You know what your kids like. Save your weekend for bigger events like the local pumpkin patch, carving or painting pumpkins, going through a corn maze, etc..

Halloween book suggestions

© 2012 Kimberlee Ingram


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