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Halloween Games For Murder Mystery Fun

Updated on August 28, 2013

Create Extra Scary Fun & Memories at Your Halloween Party This Year!

Halloween is a time where friends can get together, dress up, eat delicious treats, and have a good time. We often think of going house to house and trick or treating, or attending a Halloween party when we think of this fun holiday.

There are some fun games that are available with MURDER MYSTERY themes that are perfect to play during the Halloween season.

Below are six great Halloween games for murder mystery fun that you can play this year and make YOUR Halloween party one that will always be remembered!

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A Murder on the Grill

This mystery game is designed for the party host to create a dinner theater atmosphere. Set in the 50's, your guests can have a lot of fun coming up with their 50s costumes.

Invitations to send your friends, recipe suggestions, and even an audio guide are included.

Murder Mystery Party Games - A Murder on the Grill
Murder Mystery Party Games - A Murder on the Grill

Rock & Roll is here to stay until Tom Dooley is iced over his hot grill. Everyone's a suspect when murder is on the menu. Just invite 6 to 8 of your friends to dress up and play the roles of the devious suspects, serve up a meal or light snack, and you're ready for some drop dead fun at this year's Halloween party. Folks will remember it fondly for years to come.Click for full details....


The Icicle Twist

The object of this intriguing game is to find out who killed Boris at the ski party at the condo. It's a fun cold-weather themed game, so everyone can come dressed up in ski lodge clothing or something similar.

This dinner mystery game comes complete with a party planner, invitations and much more.

Murder Mystery Party - The Icicle Twist
Murder Mystery Party - The Icicle Twist

Here's a whodunit that will send chills down your spine. A Denver ski trip turns to tragedy when a guest is murdered. No one knows which of the other party guests committed the crime. Is it Alicia Tomisini, the beautiful gal from the mean streets of New York? Michael Maitland, your host and the national Director of Defense? Clues will be uncovered and motives revealed as you search for the killer. It could even be you! Kit includes everything needed to create a mysterious yet fun-filled night of Halloween party memories.Click for full details....


Staying Alive

Everyone remembers the disco era of the 1970s. This fun murder mystery game has everything you need to guarantee that a fun time will be had by all, and you can discover who killed the owner of the local disco.

Wear your bell bottoms and your afro or long/big/permed hair wigs, polyester leisure suits and pointy-collar shirts (open chested) for the guys, and long flowing dresses or short and sexy/eclectic Madonna or Cyndi Lauper inspired styles for women. Remember to add multiple necklaces and medallions, big earrings, etc.!

Murder Mystery Party - Staying Alive
Murder Mystery Party - Staying Alive

Get ready to shake your groove thing in trendy Studio Manhattan. But wait -- dance sensation Jackie Fever's been murdered! Who did it? Was it John Revolting, the Disco champ? Diana Rush, the chart-topping singer? Or maybe Bruce Leap, the movie star and martial arts expert? Even more fun than actually killing a professional disco dancer, this game comes with everything you need to create an unforgettable Halloween murder mystery game dinner party evening!Click for full details....




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Lethal Luau

This Hawaii Island-based murder mystery dinner party game is really fun for a more tropical-themed Halloween party! Someone has poisoned a private detective, and there is no shortage of suspects! Of course, everyone should wear their Hawaiian shirts, grass skirts, leis, and flip-flops!

You get everything you need to plan, prepare, and play this exciting mysterious interactive game.

Murder Mystery Party - Lethal Luau
Murder Mystery Party - Lethal Luau

Serve up some scary excitement! Make your next Halloween dinner party memorable by hosting a Hawaiian murder mystery. Your guests will include the vacationing wife of a billionaire, a scuba diving instructor, and a New York fashion model, among others. You'll create a very memorable time for all your guests!Click for full details....


A Taste for Wine and Murder

This is a perfect game for wine lovers. Its fun wine- and beer-themed character names will make for a hilarious Halloween night of games and good times.

The game is designed for 6 to 8 players and includes an interactive audio guide to help you along as you play.

Murder Mystery Party Games - A Taste for Wine and Murder
Murder Mystery Party Games - A Taste for Wine and Murder

An annual wine-tasting festival is in full swing when the body of a local California vineyard owner, Barry Underwood, is found hidden beneath his wine cellar. Liven up your Halloween party by finding out who killed Barry, and why.Click for full details....


Barbecue with the Vampire

Thanks to the popular "Twilight" series of books and movies, vampires are all the rage! This vampire-themed murder mystery is designed for teens and allows several players to participate. You are invited to attend a barbecue at the very spooky castle of rock superstar Killian Killagan. Upon arriving, you discover someone is turning helpless citizens into bats!

The game has everything you need to set up and play, so it is just perfect for a Halloween gathering or dinner party.

How to Host a Teen Mystery: Barbecue with the Vampire
How to Host a Teen Mystery: Barbecue with the Vampire

Imagine your home as a spooky castle on a bluff as you and your friends enjoy hours of suspense and intrigue -- but mainly humor! So much fun, it's almost criminal!Click for full details....


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Keep Calm and Urgh Oh Well Bloody Halloween Poster
Keep Calm and Urgh Oh Well Bloody Halloween Poster

Do you have a favorite murder mystery game that would be a perfect choice for a fun and unique Halloween party?

Have You Ever Gone to a Murder Mystery Party?

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    • Tennyhawk profile image

      Tennyhawk 5 years ago

      We used to have a Murder Mystery party ever Halloween. Good times.

    • profile image

      anonymous 6 years ago

      Great lens on my favorite spooky holiday!

    • WayneDave LM profile image

      WayneDave LM 6 years ago

      Great lens! This is fantastic. Thanks for sharing.

    • profile image

      KatBar 6 years ago

      Great fun those games. Have done several of them.