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Halloween Games for Children’s Parties

Updated on August 30, 2010

Keeping the kids occupied with fun games is key to a Halloween children’s party. Here are some fun Halloween games that will keep kids moving and engaged.

1.  Musical pumpkins

This game is similar to musical chairs, but with a Halloween twist. First, decide what you will use in place of a “chair.” Choose something Halloween-related, such as pumpkin shapes cut out of orange construction paper, spider webs, or tombstones. Arrange these objects in a circle, with one less object than you have children. Play some spooky music while the kids walk around the circle. When the music stops, each child must find an object to stand on. You can then either play the game like traditional musical chairs, in which the child not standing on an object is “out,” one object is removed and the game continues until only one is left. Or, to keep kids from feeling excluded, allow the kids to share objects and simply remove one each round, so that in the end, they all have to squeeze onto one object.

2. Skeleton Scavenger Hunt

Cut out skeleton bones from paper or use plastic skeleton pieces from a Halloween shop. Hide these throughout your yard or house. Send the kids on a skeleton scavenger hunt for the bones. Once they are all collected, have the kids try to reassemble the complete skeleton.

3. Pumpkin Bowling

This game is a great one to play on the porch or a large deck. First, get small to medium-sized pumpkins and remove any stems. Next, set up plastic bottles (1-2 liter bottles work well) with some rice or beans in the bottom to make them stand up. Mark a starting line for kids to use in their own Halloween bowling alley. As a craft project, you can also have kids decorate the bottles beforehand, or fill them with candy. Allow each child to create his or her own bottle, and let them take the bottles home afterwards as party favors!

4. Halloween Relay Races

Relay races provide kids with great exercise and build teamwork. There are many ways to put a Halloween spin on a relay race. The relay object itself can be a pumpkin or witch doll. Or instead of running, kids must move like a zombie, or “fly” on a broomstick.  If your children’s party is a costume party, the use of the costumes in relay can enliven the game.

Image Credit:, Flickr


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