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Halloween Last Minute Plans, Rushing for Halloween?

Updated on September 15, 2015

Well, Halloween is just around the corner, aren't you not excited? I am sure everything is ready for this day. If not, don't panic. Take a deep breath. Let us get a quick preparation for it. If you are short of time for now, this is a quick summary of the Halloween things so u won't get out of hand. Especially those workaholic whom have been at office or travelling for work, you definitely need a quick plan for it.

Image is self taken in a market stall

Party Time Planning a party

If u are planning for a party. Make your invitation name list. Email them, make a call. The time n location. One week before Halloween would be the best week to double confirm the RSVP, just in case, some are too busy and have forgotten or have something else in hand.

Why do you need to confirm your party people? That is because you need to prepare the creepy food and make activities suitable for your guest

Decoration for the Spooky House

How irrie Do u Want Your House to be?

The FUN part starts here. How you want it to be? The super creepy? Ghost and devil house? Vampire house? Witches with brooms n monsters? Creepy spiders? Get some cotton and nets. Get some party supplies. Hang up those spooky skeleton or pumpkin lights. Light some Candles. Get some bloody wall stickers or flying bats. There are just soooo many, seems like I want everything. You can have some Jack O-Lanterns with long fangs.

How about Outside the garden. What should you decorate with? Which Theme? Tombstone! Or get some bones and skulls ! Lighted pumpkins. I really feel creepy if i hear those bugs and cricket sounds, if you have some skulls and hands laying around, it will definitely freak me out!!

Anyway, garden is where your guess will walk pass or walk through. Lets put something there to greet them. How about a Garden Stake?

Images Self taken in Disney

How would you feel if something grab your feet?????


Who's winning for

1. Best Creepiest Costume?

2. Best Spooky House Design?

3. Best Scary Garden Design?

4. Gross but Coolest Finger Food?

Halloween Yummies!!

Partying without food is not a party. Its time for the gross and creepy looking food. Get ready your Halloween paper plates & cups. Tissues. Get a cool Halloween table cloth.

Candy from bones to eye balls and other body part candy, bugs, insects. How about the below Human Brain Gelatin Mold Halloween Party?

For those Trick or Treats, don't forget your huge baskets of candy at your door. Another Just incase item for the kids, get ready some treat bags for some kiddies incase they overload their treat bags.

Creepy Door Gifts . Creepy Gifts

Make some llittle door gifts for everyone. This will be marvelous and unique souvenir. But if you don't have time. You could just get some Halloween Party Pack.

Body Parts Small Assorted (4 count), Fingers? Ears? Eye balls?

Freaky Costumes Party

Costume Party. Wearing those awesome creepy clothes. . Devil with trident, Ghost in white sheets and blade (guess this is the simplest), Skeleton glows in dark, face mask ; you could choose with chin or without. Wigs and other accessories.

You could stand by a few incase something stirs up and a new costume is needed

Halloween Look! Make for yourself and everyone

Make up for Halloween, get some Halloween make up kits to turn everyone to their favourite spooky character. Not to forget the fake blood. Mad Hatter Look? Zombie Face? Frankie Stein? Princess sparkling appearance?

Well if you don't like make up. You can put on some mask. Pumpkin mask. Immortal mask. Devil skull mask. Oh my, I think my list can't stop.


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