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Halloween Music

Updated on September 10, 2013

Halloween Carols for the Autumnal Season

Kristen Lawrence writes Halloween music - Halloween Carols specifically.

She is a classically trained organist who writes with a modern edge, influenced by centuries of musicians from J.S. Bach to Danny Elfman. Her music is elegant and sophisticated, but also catchy and clever, appealing to all ages.

A Halloween aficionado, Kristen studied the holiday's history and decided that Halloween deserves its own original carols. To date, she has over 60 Halloween Carols written and continually adds to her collection, recording and releasing them one CD at a time for her "Trick-or-Treaters" (she doesn't have fans; she has Trick-or-Treaters).

These gems set a beautiful, fun, enchanting, celebratory mood for the entire month of October -- perfect for playing around the house, in the car, while carving a pumpkin, shopping for costumes, or baking pumpkin bread.

Kristen grew up in the temperate trick-or-treating weather of Orange County, California and calls Disneyland's Haunted Mansion her second home. She writes music with her black cat "Molly Macabre the Halloween Cat" at her side. Molly is a featured "vocalist" in the song "Cats In The Catacombs" from Kristen's CD "A Broom With A View." Trick-or-Treaters of all ages will enjoy Kristen's version of the traditional tune "Ghost of John" from her CD "Arachnitect."

For more on Kristen and her Halloween Carols, please visit:

Read more about the history of Halloween at The History Channel ...
Read more about the history of Halloween at The History Channel ...

Kristen's Carols and the History of Halloween

Each of Kristen's Halloween Carols are based on a little bit of Halloween history. Some lightly brush the subject while others delve deeply into it.

From her latest collection, "A Broom With A View":

Mostly Ghostly - A maudlin but mercurial ghost bemoans the lack of physical brains, wailing with a massive pipe organ.

A Broom With A View - The intriguing Halloween night sky invites a sensory-appreciating witch out for a joy ride on her broom. Organ, piano, and strings set this witch "ablaze" as she takes in the beauty and wonder of October.

Souling Song - All Hallows Version - Traditional English melody and lyrics about the practice of "souling" - offering prayers for people's beloved departed in exchange for soul cakes. Cathedral bells and organ ring out on All Souls Day (November 2) as the soulers go about this Christian custom.

Souling Song - Samhain Version - A different take on the traditional song, describing the ancient Celtic celebration of Samhain, where the dead were believed to visit the earth, accept food offerings, and share their magic. Drums, organ, electric guitar and bass, and voices dance together like wild pagans around a Samhain bonfire.

Dark Glass - Written about a mesmerizing dream Kristen had with surreal Halloween imagery. Windy sounds and distant voices set against organ and strings give the impression of floating through the sky.

Cats In The Catacombs - A xylophone-bone-clinking romp with organ and piano where cats lurking around the catacombs get "spooked to poofs of nerves and fur." Featuring a feline-esque cello.

Sleeping Dust ("The Death Lullaby") - Ashes To Ashes Version - A sweet, plaintive lullaby about death to sing to the dead or the living. Organ, piano, celesta, and humming take us from simple beginnings to simple endings with a world of intensity in between.

Flappy Bat - The old Samhain bonfires attracted insects, which in turn attracted bats. In medieval times, burning witches at the stake attracted bats for the same reason, deepening the Halloween association. This carol's vocal duet and patterns in the strings sound like the flapping wings of bats.

Vampire Empire - A saucy invitation from a vampire to a mortal to become one of the blood-hungry undead. A majestic organ and wicked harpsichord waltz together while two kick drums thump like heartbeats.

Kristen's Two Favorite Halloween History Researchers - Lesley Bannatyne and Jack Santino

Kristen Lawrence's facebook page ...
Kristen Lawrence's facebook page ...


Come put a trick-or-treat mask on your Facebook by becoming a fan of Kristen's page:

Click on the photo to be taken to her Facebook page.

Purchase Music

CD Baby

You may purchase the physical CDs or MP3 downloads through CD Baby

Click on the photo to go to the Kristen Lawrence CD Baby artist site.

Kristen Lawrence

Edgar Allan Poe's "The Raven"
Edgar Allan Poe's "The Raven"

"The Raven" - Vocal and Instrumental Versions

"The Ghost of John - Bare Bones Version" - Vocal and Instrumental Versions

"The Ghost of John - Dead Composers Version - Instrumental Version

A Broom With a View
A Broom With a View

"Mostly Ghostly" - Vocal and Instrumental Versions

"A Broom With A View" - Vocal and Instrumental Versions

"Cats In The Catecombs" - Vocal and Instrumental Versions

"Vampire Empire" - Vocal and Instrumental Versions

"Souling Songs" - All Hallows and Samhain Versions

"Sleeping Dust - Death Lullaby" - Vocal

"Dark Glass" - Vocal

Arachnitect - From the Halloween Carols
Arachnitect - From the Halloween Carols

"Arachnitect" - Vocal

"Blood Waltz" - Vocal and Instrumental Versions

"The Ghost of John - Bare Bones Version" - Vocal

"The Ghost of John - Dead Composers Version" - Vocal

Vampire Empire - Radio Edits From The Halloween Carols
Vampire Empire - Radio Edits From The Halloween Carols

Radio Edits of Halloween Carols -

from Arachnitect and A Broom With A View

Dark Glass - Instrumental Version

Bloggy Monster
Bloggy Monster

Kristen's Bloggy Monster

Little slices of Kristen's brain in legible form:

Polterguests - Come join the other Trick-or-Treaters and post your comments!

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