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Halloween; Pagan or Christian?

Updated on October 11, 2015

A post-mortem of a heretic observence

Haloween has become a festivity that is supposed to be nothing more than mere fun for the whole family. Halloween is a day where children innocently personify evil spirits and go door to door to receive treats of all sorts from strangers.
However, many parents don't realise that Halloween is not a harmless day, it is actually the witches’ New Year. Hallowe'en goes back many centuries to the ancient Druid priests of Britain and France.
For these people, this pagan holiday is actualy a celebration of the end of summer and the beginning of the Celtic year.

Much research has gone into this festivity due to the imense controversy it holds in our modern era. Many researchers believe that the festival is named after Samhain ( pronounced sah-ween), Samhain is the God of the dead. There are a few people who are not convinced of this version of history; nevertheless, this holiday IS satanic deep within its roots.

The druids believed that on this particular night, the spirits of those who died would come back from the afterlife and walk amongst them. The one and only goal of the dead is to terrorize and harass the living; some of the spirits hope to posses living animals.

Also during this time, human and animal sacrifices were common, and some evidence has been discovered that proves that they are still occurring today.
The belief also is that the blood spilled opens the gates to the dead--thus releasing them for the night to do their evil deed.

To ward off these evil spirits, the druids will dress up as witches, demons or in other evil and ungodly costumes, and some of them will participate in the satanic rituals.

Everything that has to do with halloween is inconsistent with the Christian faith.

Pope Boniface IV, in the year 834, had an idea to move the celebration called "All Saints Day" which occured on May 13th to November 1st . The reason for this move was to counter the evil celebration and make it Christian.Then he renamed it "All Hallows’ Eve" and hoped that the more Christian based holiday would take hold. The evening of October 31st was used as an evening for holiness., a more Christian evening. On this evening people would take time to remember all of those who had accepted martyrdom for their devotion and faithfulness to Jesus Christ.

Unfortunately, as we see today, this evening became anything but holy; it is twisted by Satan’s desire to draw people away from Jesus and too himself.

What many people fail to realise is that when a child goes door to door yelling "trick or treat", the child is re-enacting this ancient ritual; The same goes for dressing up and roaming from door to door as the demonic spirits did in hopes of receiving treats, and if they do not get any, a trick is played on the home which sometimes consist of vandalism.

In ancient times it was thought that as long as the living marked their homes by setting out treats, such as bowls of fruit for the demonic spirits, for witches and ghosts to have, they would pass over the home leaving it untouched. (This is mocking passover).

A pumpkin carved with an evil face is something that has become synonymous of halloween.
A pumpkin with a face of a demonic spirit carved in it is symbolic of the mocking spirit that laughed at the fate of its victims. The candle-lit pumpkin known as a Jack-O-Lantern also symbolized that the occupants of that house were sympathetic to the evil spirits and would hope to receive mercy and favour. Some people would use a skull which was lit by a candle in the same way as a pumpkin.

We are told in scripture to always abstain from evil and never to conform to un-godly ways so why would we try to justify Halloween by taking part in it? Is junk-food worth it?

Many churches and Christians today are compromising their faith by participating and allowing their children to take part in this satanic celebration. These people don't seem to understand the drastic ramifications of their actions. Many do it because they don't want to be labelled as weird or extreme.

Safety is also an issue, parents teach their children not to talk to strangers; not to go to stranger’s homes and not to take food from strangers. So why do people say that it is ok to do this on October 31st? By participating in this, what are we saying to our children? Are we not being hypocrites by taking part in it?
It is always best to stand firm on the word of God than to conform to the world and the ways of the un-godly.

Read Deuteronomy 18:9-12


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