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Halloween Party Ideas Cheap & Fun!

Updated on February 20, 2013

Halloween Party Ideas Cheap & Fun

Halloween History & Party Ideas

What a great holiday…Halloween is, and have you ever wondered where it originated from? It originated from the druids who celebrated autumn, on the same day we celebrate Halloween, only theirs began on October 31st and went into the next day November 1st. They called upon Saman their god of death, and the people of this time feared the gathering itself, let alone the purpose of collecting evil spirits. Every year they did the same thing, and those evil spirits is where we now get the idea of costumes, witches, ghosts or anything creepy. The area this first began was Britain, Ireland, and the surrounding areas.

Of course like the saying goes do as the Romans do, they held their ceremony for their goddess Poma, and to honor her they celebrated roasting harvested foods over great bonfires, and these bonfires held a different purpose than those in Britain, where their bonfires were built to ward off the evil spirits.

Many young women believed bobbing for apples and then putting the apple under their pillow, they would see who their future husband would be.Young Scotsman would peel apples and try and get the peel in one long strip. That strip would then be thrown on the ground over their shoulder, and spell out the initial of their love's name.

Young women would sit before mirrors and stare wanting the image of their future husband’s face to appear, and if it didn’t they would assume they would die before marriage. So you see we still adapt to the original holiday, and instead of spending a lot of money to throw a party, why not go back to the original customs and turn back the clocks of time.

Party Ideas:

1. Haunted House: If you live in a rural district and expect Trick or Treaters visit your local appliance center beforehand and ask for their refrigerator boxes. They will be glad to get rid of them, and they make great haunted houses. With some poster paint and fluorescent paint you can have the trick or treaters walk into the Haunted house to get to your door. Hang scary things inside like spiders, skull heads, and of course a few ghosts. Black-lights inside can add a huge amount of scariness on light colored costumes and on the ghosts you hang inside. With just the cost of poster paint, some construction paper, and an old sheet you can make a great haunted house, and recycle it when you’re done.

2. Dressing up to hand out treats: It was always a fun idea, but do be careful some parents bring small children and can accuse you of traumatizing their child when doing this. It’s not likely but I have seen the reaction of one parent when their child was brought to the door. In holiday spirit it makes it more fun for the Trick or Treaters to enjoy gathering their candy. I can remember one funeral parlor when I was a child that went all out in decorations and even though we were scared that was the favorite place to trick or treat.

3. Bobbing for apples: A cheap and healthy game while you have a storyteller there reading them how this game originated can be great fun. Bring out a mirror and some candles and revive the idea of staring into the mirror to see the face of your betrothed to be. Simple reenactments of the holiday can be great fun, and no cost. The apples that are taken are healthy snacks as well.

4. Dipping Apples: You can buy inexpensive kits in the produce section to set up a little table and dip the apples they bobbed for, so for the cost of just the kit and apple this could occupy their time, and be much fun. A Crockpot or fondue pot is great to use for the carmel or chocolate dips.

5. Peeling Apples: If you’re going to have children at your party assign the peeling to an adult and they can peel the apple trying to get the longest peel and then hand it to a guest to throw over their shoulder, it can be great fun to decipher the initial of their love to be name.

6. Roasting Marshmallows: If you have a fire pit for outside or even a fireplace roasting marshmallows is another inexpensive activity that everyone loves.

7. Scary Story Contest: At no cost; have your friends gather round and tell scary stories be it truth or fable, and offer a prize. The prize could be a cake or tray of cookies to take home, and a very inexpensive fun game to play. If you don’t like the idea of getting one prize make Halloween shaped cookies beforehand and hand one to each person, but the winner gets a tray to take home.

8. Best Costume Contest: So everyone wants to win this traditional game held at Halloween, from youth to adults. Make a list of categories, and have the list have as many categories as you have guests. At any party it’s more fun if no one loses. Make up silly one’s for the people with less of a chance to win the grand prize such as, ‘store bought phenomenon,’ ‘mom’s ragbag,’ ‘too much makeup,’ and for an adult party you could have prizes for more adult subjects such as, ‘Reason to Divorce,’ ‘Keeper of Cheap,’ ECT.

9. Best Carved Pumpkin: Want to save yourself some work and yet decorate for the party? Ask your guests to bring a carved pumpkin and the best carved pumpkin wins. Have enough candles to put inside each and place them around your house for the party. Your guests will love seeing their work displayed for others to enjoy, and to give it a little switch let them choose other pumpkins when the party ends to bring home. That is cheap, easy and fun.

10. Halloween Dance Contest: Collect scary CD’s to play music at your party, and give prizes out to the best dancers, funniest dancers, and scariest dancer, or any other category you can come up with..

All in all; what is listed above costs very little, and if you have anything leftover such as apples, you can reuse them, and not have anything go to waste.

Happy Halloween!

Copyright/All Rights Reserved B. A. Williams


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