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Halloween Party Invitation Wording Ideas

Updated on October 13, 2015

Start Planning Your Halloween Party

Having a Halloween party this year? You plan on decorating your home with fake spider webs and bats. You’ve stocked up on face makeup and blood. You’ve planned your music, food, and scary tricks. There is only one thing left to think about for your Halloween party, besides Halloween treats: the invitations.

Making your own is an excellent idea, and your guests will certainly notice and appreciate the effort. Spiders, black cats, witches, jack o’ lanterns, and so forth. There is no end to what you can put on your cards. But what should you put inside? This article will cover:

  • Some wording styles you can consider.
  • Coupled with Halloween party invitation wording ideas for each one.
  • With a few sample cards to get you in the spirit.

Happy Halloween!

Corny But Fun Wording

The fun part about Halloween is that the wording is already decidedly corny and terrifically fun. It is one of the few occasions when you can indulge the child — or the vampire or the witch — in you. Of course, you can simply mention Halloween cookies and most people will be thrilled to attend. Here are some ideas:

  • Vampires: For adult parties (and will be rather trendy considering today’s fascination with vampires): “I vant you to come to my party. Join us in the village for Bloody Marys and sweet treats on Halloween night.”
  • Witches: If you don't come to my Halloween party, I'll put a spell on you!
  • Ghosts: Boo! Come to my Halloween party — the spirits and I are all excited for some ghoulish fun.

Set Yourself a Theme

Another example: “I see a party in your future. It’s written in the stars. _________ is having a mystical All Hallow’s Eve gathering. Consider yourself summoned!”

This one, like the last, takes traditional Halloween themes and incorporates wonderfully clichéd sayings. Here are some other themes you can incorporate:

  • Zombies, with body parts being served.
  • Blood sucking vampires. No stakes or garlic provided.
  • Mystical witches. Parking is available for one broomstick per partier.
  • Jack 'o' lanterns. Have a carving contest . . . but beware where you stab the pumpkin or he might get upset .
  • Ghosts. Bring an extra sweater. It may get a little chilly . . .

It’s Halloween — it’s allowed, and it’s all in fun!

An invitation you can use for a children's Halloween party.
An invitation you can use for a children's Halloween party.

Be Pun-ny

You can also go for the old favorites:

  • “Don’t be a scaredy cat,” written on the cover, with “Come to our party,” on the inside.
  • You are invited to my haunted house for a howling good time.
  • Or a hair-raising time.
  • Or a spooktacular time.

Be creative with your wording. Here are some other ideas to get you in the mood:

  • Warning! Refusal to come to our spooktacular Halloween party will result in loss of fun for everyone.
  • Food and drink and witches’ brew. The only thing we still need is you.
  • Come out, come out, wherever you are.
  • Be here by eight and meet your fate. Bring your scariest food concoction and your tastiest date.
  • Vampires, witches, ghouls, and ghosts. This is one Halloween party you will die for.
  • The moon is full, the wind is chill. This Halloween will be quite a thrill! A howling time awaits you this eve . . . but beware for you may not want to leave. Join us for some spooky shenanigans.

Keep it Simple: Be Yourself

When making your own Halloween invitations, make sure the wording suits you. If you are just not a “spooky shenanigans” type of person, that’s fine. Of course, you can tell your guests that you and the Count are revamping your castle and need some new blood to help. Or you could simply write, “You are invited to a Halloween party.” There's nothing wrong with keeping it simple — it gets the message across clearly. Here are some other ideas:

  • Please come to my Halloween party! It will be tons of fun.
  • You're invited to my Halloween party — we can't wait to see your costume.
  • Won't you join us for some ghoulish fun on Halloween? Come to our party!
  • Come to our Halloween party. We're brewing up something special for you.
  • It's Halloween party time! Dress in your best and we'll provide the treats.

But if you do want to have a little fun, you can look online and find a host of different wording ideas. If you need to, play with the wording a bit so it is more “you.”

Have a Spooktactular Time!

A lot of people are hesitant to write their own invitation or greeting card messages because they feel like they are not creative enough.

Know this: You are creative enough. You just have to put aside your worrying and get into the spirit of the holiday. Remember, just have fun!

Also, don’t be afraid, just this once, to use the word “spooktacular.”

Happy Halloween!

Making the Invitations

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    • Robwrite profile image

      Rob 7 years ago from Bay Ridge Brooklyn NY

      You really know how to get the most fun out of Halloween. I love this time of year. It's a real scream!!