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Halloween Pumpkin Baby Shower Theme Ideas

Updated on March 7, 2014

Welcome Mummy's Little Pumpkin with a Halloween Shower Theme!

If you are throwing a baby shower in the fall or near Halloween, then this shower theme is the perfect choice to help welcome Mommy's Little Pumpkin to the world. A Halloween theme doesn't mean that you have to use creepy crawly spiders or scary monsters in the décor. Instead think about a cute pumpkin theme. The great news is that you can find tons of great pumpkin décor, food, and tableware to make the event fun.

Photo courtesy of Walk Off Walk .


Baby Shower Invitations & Decorations

When it comes to the invites, you can find plenty of companies online that sell fully personalized invitations with a pumpkin or Halloween theme. However if you are the crafty type, you can always make your own invites out of orange paper and green ribbon. Simply trace out a pumpkin shape on the paper, write out the shower information and use some green ribbon (or constrution paper) to form the pumpkin handle.

The adorable baby shower invitations shown to the right are available from All About Gifts & Baskets. You can check out their baby shower themes page for lots of great ideas for a pumpkin shower and more.

Shower Decorations & Food

When it comes to the shower decorations, think pumpkins, pumpkins and more pumpkins. Painting a couple pumpkins and adding pacifiers to look like babies would create an adorable centerpiece for your Halloween themed shower. You can see in the photo to the right that adding some ribbon to the pumpkin stems is also a great way to finish off the "baby" pumpkins. Consider using some big pumpkins too and you can create an entire pumpkin family.

You can use orange and black streamers along with tissue pumpkins to hang from the ceiling and tables throughout the shower venue. You can also find small pumpkin shaped light strings at many local retailers.

There are ALL kinds of great recipes that incorporate pumpkins so find a few of your favorites because they are the perfect addition to this shower theme. For desserts, things like pumpkin rolls, bars, or bread would be perfect. You could also consider pumpkin shaped cookies or brownies (cut-out using a cookie cutter) and decorate them with orange frosting. There are so many great pumpkin dessert recipes around that you could set-up a veritable pumpkin dessert buffet like the one shown in the photo above (courtesy of Pepper Design Blog). You can even make a pumpkin shaped cake by following the step-by-step video shown below.

For the main course, roasted pumpkin soup, pumpkin and sage ravioli, and spinach stuffed pumpkins are great options. And don't forget some roasted pumpkin seeds. You can find many pumpkin recipes at

How To Make Pumpkin Shower Cake

Baby Shower Gifts

One of my all time favorite baby shower gifts is a themed diaper cake like the Halloween diaper cake shown in the photo below (courtesy of Have Your Cake And Use It Too). The reason I love diaper cakes so much is because they do double duty as the shower centerpiece and as a gift for the expectant Mom. And you know this is one baby gift that she'll definitely use - afterall what Mom couldn't use a few more diapers. I particularly like the I Love Mummy bib and the beautiful black and white polka dot ribbon used to create this fun Halloween cake!

Other fun baby gifts for a Halloween themed shower include onesies, bibs, and rompers embellished with pumpkins like those shown from Amazon below.

Pumpkin Baby Shower Favors

When it comes to a fall harvest or pumpkin baby shower, you have lots of options for baby shower favors. If you are a do-it-yourselfer, you could consider making pumpkin cupcakes or pumpkin cut-out cookies that you place in cellophane bags or cupcake boxes. Add a personalized pumpkin themed hang tag to say thank you to your guests. Small pumpkin scented candles or jars of maple syrup are some other fall favorites.

Another great option is to buy personalized favors that feature Mom's name and the shower date online. Candy bar wrappers, jars of lip balm or hand lotion, and pumpkin-shaped soaps are all available at Baby Gifts & Gift Baskets. They feature the design shown to the right and you can also buy simple personalized hang tags to use on your homemade favors as well.

Leave Your Halloween Pumpkin Shower Ideas & Comments!

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  • rebeccamealey profile image

    Rebecca Mealey 4 years ago from Northeastern Georgia, USA

    Cool ideas for an October baby shower. And these could also be incorporated into other fall events. Thanks!

  • S G Hupp profile image

    S G Hupp 6 years ago from United States

    Great ideas. It's always nice to do something a little bit different.

  • carriethomson profile image

    carriethomson 6 years ago from United Kingdom

    hi janice! fab hub, very creative, and loved the halloween pumpkin cake video.


  • mulberry1 profile image

    mulberry1 7 years ago

    Love all of the creative ideas, cute and yummy looking as well.

  • Pinkchic18 profile image

    Sarah Carlsley 7 years ago from Minnesota

    Wow this is adorable! Sooo many cute ideas, it makes me hope the next baby shower I throw is in the fall because I'd love to use some of these ideas. And how cute is that baby in the pumpkin! Love it.

  • jkvkdailey4 profile image

    jkvkdailey4 7 years ago from Minnesota

    I love this shower theme! My sister was pregnant with twins when I hosted her shower near Halloween. We invited our guests to wear a costume (most of them did), and we had planned on painting my sister's belly to look like a jack o lantern, but she wouldn't let us! The pumpkins with pacifiers are adorable - excellent idea!