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Halloween Punch Recipes

Updated on September 30, 2010

Punch can really spice up your Halloween party, and is simple to make. Here are some recipes for Halloween punch that are sure to liven up your get-togethers this season.

Apple Orchard Punch Recipe

If you love apples, you will love this festive fall punch. Pair it with fresh apple pie with cinnamon and you will have a real treat for apple enthusiasts!

1 cup orange juice

1 (32 oz) bottle apple juice, chilled

1 (12 oz) can frozen cranberry cocktail concentrate

1 ½ quart ginger ale, chilled

1 red apple, uncored, thinly sliced

Combine orange juice, apple juice, and cranberry juice concentrate in a punch bowl. When ready to serve, add ginger ale and float apple slices on top.

Spooky Black Punch

If you want a spooky-looking punch for your party, try this one! A floating hand in the center of your bowl will provide a particularly ghastly touch.

1 (.13 oz) envelope unsweetened grape soft drink mix

1 (.13 oz) envelope unsweetened orange soft drink mix

2 cups white sugar

3 quarts cole water

1 liter ginger ale

1 frozen hand

To make a frozen hand, fill a clean disposable glove with water, seal the opening with a rubber band, and freeze until hard. This hand will keep your punch cool as well as spooky.

To make the punch, combine grape soft drink mix, orange soft drink mix, sugar, and water until mixes are dissolved. Add ginger ale just before serving. Run warm water over the frozen hand briefly, and then peel the glove off the ice. Place the frozen hand in the center of your punch bowl.

Sewer Water Halloween Punch

If you are wanting an alcoholic punch for your Halloween party, this recipe creates a gross-looking punch worthy of its name.

1 bottle (700mL) vodka or vanilla vodka

7 cups fresh orange juice with pulp

1.5 liters Dr. Pepper


Combine all ingredients except ice. Fill a separate container or ice bucket with ice. Fill each punch glass with ice before serving. You can use a lemon wedge as garnish if you like.

It’s all about the presentation

Whatever Halloween punch you make for your party this Halloween, be sure to present it in a spooky bowl or container. You can find Halloween themed bowls at any Halloween or department store in the fall. If you serve in a glass bowl, consider adding some cobwebs or spiders to the outside for effect.

Image Credit: anne.baba, Flickr


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