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Halloween Puppets I Wish I Could Afford

Updated on September 29, 2009

I love Halloween. I spend a lot of money on some really (stolen from an 80's movie) 'Bodacious'props. However I can never have enough. My lifelike coffin is killer, my eyeball filled flasks rock, my deformed baby in a black rocker kicks ass, and my life sized mummy is the shizz.

I always want more though. I'm broke this year s that just ain't happening. I'm saving for a shitty house to call a home, so I figured all you at home basement dwellers would likely have a bunch of spare money lying around to just piss away on some really sweet Halloween props. Props that make even Hollywood special effects crews proud.

This is also my lame attempt at getting you to shop at Amazon. So here goes.

The Man Eating Plant Puppet Halloween Prop.

This Little Shop of Horror Darling is cool enough to bring a black tar filled tear to my eye! I mean really, sniff, sniff. I love you man.

Seriously, How Cool Is It Right!?

 Next we have one stupendous sweet baby, thing, creature, baby it monster fella. I'm sure many of you remember Baby Alive right?

Well this little guy is from the hit flick It's Alive. I remember watching this flick as a kid thinking... I wish my baby could be that cute when I'm all grown up and have one of my own! Just look at those shiny razor sharp teeth. Goo-Goo-Ga... yes, he is such a cutie pie.

Sweet Thang

The Son I Never Had

 Zack just melts my heart, with his bloody eye socket, and skeletal head poking through his oh so soft rotting flesh. This sweet little baby needs a home, too bad I can't adopt him. 

Meet Nocturna

 She is related to Zack. She is a bit harder to handle than Zack due to her appetite for flesh. Isn't she cute though? Just look at that pale powdery complexion, her long flowing black stringy hair, and those dazzling razor sharp teeth. Oh My!


 Grave Robbie.This sweetheart will dance his way into your heart. He has sat in the dead orphanage for a long time now. People would rather adopt babies like Zack and Nocturna, than an old soul like Robbie, but Robbie is just as sweet, plus he is good at collecting things.

Grave Robbie

Introducing Rumpelstiltskin

 This nasty little guy is similar to Robbie. In fact the two get along like two ghouls in a coffin. Rumpelstiltskin Puppet is not as cutie patootie as Robbie, but goblins need love too.

Hi My Name Is Dracool Zombaby

 Dracool Zombaby Doll is simply awesome. He may not be a puppet, but a doll, a doll just about any gruesome twosome could love.

Meet Eyeris

Eyeris comes from the same pack that Dracool comes from. She's not as put together as Dracool, but her eye is to die for, as well as her rotten little toes and diaper!


 Related to Eyeris and Dracool, Ouchy is a one of a kind sweetie who recently escaped a life on the road with a traveling circus. He is wanted for... uhm... things,won't you provide him with a safe-house?

Meet Stabbo

 Stabbo the Clown has been searching for Ouchy for quite some time now. Stabbo was hard to find, but I tracked him down in a Sewer with Pennywise.


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