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Halloween: a Spiritual Occasion

Updated on October 9, 2014

Two definitions for the word 'spiritual' exist in the dictionary:

1. of, relating to, or affecting the human spirit or soul as opposed to material or physical things. nonmaterial, incorporeal, intangible;

2. of or relating to religion or religious belief."the tribe's spiritual leader"synonyms: religious , sacred , divine , holy , nonsecular , church , ecclesiastical , faith-based , devotional

Here we arrive at Halloween, a spiritual essence of the non-material.


When the non-material wall between our world and that of the spirits is in its thinnest, they may cross over freely into ours. At this time human psychic abilities are heightened, and intuition increased. We are vibrational beings and only extenstions of non-physical energies. The spirit realm is part of our essence.

This is a special occasion.

To be afraid of the otherside, is to be afraid of this side. There is no here without a there. As above, so beneath. The law of polarity is as old as Hermes, nothing in the universe is one-sided, it's possible only in the shallowy walls of some human minds that are afraid to be opened.

Much of the year you'd find barriers to spirit communication, but on the night of Halloween or the 31st of October, most of these vanish. The holiday used to be sacred once upon a time, a night to reach out to the others on the 'otherside'.

So this year with a Halloween moon in Aquarius waxing, the incense to use it vanilla.



By the bright circle of the golden sun,

By the bright courses of the errant moon,

By the dread potency of every star,

In the mysterious zodiac's burning girth,

By each and all of these supernal signs,

We do adjure thee, with this trusty blade,

To guard yon central oak, whose holy stem,

Involves the spirit of high Taranis:

Be this thy charge.--Mason



31 October (Samhain) 1 November (All Soul's Day)--days when the spirits and fairies are active due to dimensional overlap.

What is meant for Halloween was to embrace a window of spiritual access opportunity. There is good and bad on the otherside, like there is on this side.

The positive would be understood by 'wise' people a time to retrieve profound knowledge and gain insight from a soul in the spiritual realm.

What most 'unwise' do not heed to are the principles and laws of the universe before they undertake spirit communication. The experience can be very profound, positive and life-enhancing, though the majority of people have no idea what the rules are and proceed blindfolded. This is what gives the spirit realm a bad reputation especially amongst dogmatic religions which says alot about their spiritual wisdom. If you protect yourself and can decipher between a good positive 'feeling' energy and a 'negative' feeling energy you'll have a pleasant and safe experience. Most disastrous stories and possessions happen to unexperienced and ignornant humans having no idea or care how it works. Many are so wrapped up in the number two definition of the word spiritual, they never look at number one.

Halloween Spirit Connection Protection


Protective Measures: Spirit Realm Connection

  1. See yourself covered in white or golden light, do this until you really see it. Ask out loud to be surrounded by it. This will repel the bad spirits from being attracted to you.
  2. Always light a white candle, associated with protection
  3. Have clear quartz crystals of high frequency around the area
  4. Salt; you may use sea salt in a spray bottle or have a bowl of salt at the table

Halloween: How to Communicate with Spirits

The Druidic Pentagram-Apples

The 'apple' was an important fruit involved in Druidic Samhain holiday ritual.It's the oldest cultivated fruit tree in all of Europe.The apple danced in water during the Halloween or 'Samhain' on October 31st since Druids were traced back to 800 B.C.. It represented the power to heal, youth and even rebirth, and the apple tree was considered quite magical; it is part of the Celtic Ogham tree alphabet.

It was included in rituals as the apple is connected to immortality and knowledge.Inside its middle is a hidden pentagram, if cut through the five points are revealed, and this protective star was precious to the Druids and other pagans.

Ogham Tree Alphabet

Cornish turnip Jack O Lantern
Cornish turnip Jack O Lantern | Source

Jack O Lantern

The name's origin stems from a phenomenon of visual sensory called ignis fatuus meaning foolish fire or will-o'-the-wisp from English folklore dating back to 1660's. A wisp is a bundle of sticks used for torching. Jack O Lantern was created from this term down the line


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