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Halloween Safety Guide and Tips

Updated on July 25, 2012

Halloween is one of those fun holidays both kids and adults can have a lot of fun celebrating. Staying safe is essential so that all you have are happy memories going forward. This Halloween Safety Guide will hopefully get you to thinking safety so that kids, parents and adults all have a great time and the only scares you will encounter will be welcome freights.

This Halloween guide is divided up into sections that pertain to kids, adults and even pets. As well as Halloween Candy Safety, Halloween Costume Safety and suggests some inexpensive products you can purchase to help the young ones and your pets to be more safe and visible out and about on Halloween day or night.

Halloween Safety Guide Index

Scary Halloween Scene
Scary Halloween Scene

A huge Thank You to my good IRC friend Rhynn for making this Scary Halloween picture for me to use on this hub.

Scary Costume

Grim Reaper Costume
Grim Reaper Costume

Royalty Free Picture: Grim Reaper

Halloween Kids Safety Guide

While Halloween is a great fun holiday for kids Halloween Kids Safety should be thought about and planned for in advance so there are no unexpected scary surprises.

  1. Kids should be very visible, especially if Trick-Or-Treating at night. Reflective tape and lights can be purchased so your kids are very visible from far away. Try to avoid very dark colored costumes.
  2. Be sure to carry a flashlight to be able to see well and be seen. You will find several lights in the Amazon ads here for sale as well as reflective tape.
  3. Make sure your kids can see well through any masks so they don't trip and fall over any obstacles and also so that they can see cars.
  4. Younger kids should be accompanied by an adult or an older responsible teenager
  5. Kids should not accept or eat any candy that is not factory wrapped. Sadly some sick people tamper with Halloween candy and add drugs and other things to hurt kids. Look for any small holes in the wrapper even if it is still sealed. A small hole is all that is needed to inject drugs into candy with a needle. Discard any candy that has a wrapper damaged in any sort of way. Best to be safe than sick or dead. Do not eat any candy until your mom or dad can first have a look at it.
  6. Kids should look both ways before crossing any streets and do so only at a corner or in a designated crosswalk. Only cross at corners when you have the right of way according to any crossing signs. Make sure no cars are coming before crossing the street and try and make eye contact with the driver to make sure they have seen you. If you are not sure, wait until the car passes by or stops for you before proceeding. First look left, then right, then left again before crossing. If you have a younger brother or sister with you then hold their hand while crossing the street so they can get across safely.
  7. Only walk down the sidewalks, not the street. Never enter the street from between parked cars. It is rude to walk across peoples yards to get to the next house, use the sidewalks.
  8. Kids should never go into a strangers house. Make sure you can see clearly see your kids as the go up to each house. No matter what anyone says don't enter a house if you don't know the people very well. If you do know them, make sure it is actually them under any costumes they may be wearing.
  9. Do not vandalize anyones house, car or any other property with toilet paper, eggs or anything else. It just isn't right to do this to others and if you should get caught you will get in a lot of trouble with both your parents and the police.
  10. If you are a teenager and going out alone make sure your parents know which area and streets you plan on Trick-Or-Treating along. If you have a cell phone call ever so often to let them know your OK.
  11. Only go up to houses that look like someone is home and that is well lit. If the lights are off keep on going to the next house.
  12. Don't go near any candles or fires as many costumes are very flammable.
  13. Do not go up to dogs and cats your not familiar with to pet them. You could get bitten or otherwise hurt.
  14. Make sure your costume doesn't restrict your movements in any sort of way. Especially make sure its not too long so you don't trip over it while walking.
  15. Look for any tripping hazards like garden hoses so you don't trip and get hurt.
  16. Do not take any shortcuts through alleys or backyards. Stick to the sidewalks only.
  17. If you see Freddy Krueger run Forest RUNNNNNNNNNN!

Halloween Candy

Royalty Free Image: Candies

Halloween Candy Safety Guide

I'm sure your kids love candy, especially Halloween candy. Who doesn't? By following a few simple Halloween Candy Safety Tips the worse thing you will have to worry about is scrapping them off of the walls and getting them to sleep after all that sugar.

  1. Be sure to instruct your kids not to eat any of their candy or other Trick-Or-Treat goodies until they get home and you inspect it to be sure its safe to eat. Be on the lookout for any candy that isn't wrapped in a tamper proof wrapper. If its not sealed it hits the trash can. Be on the look out for any small holes or tears in the wrappers. While healthy and good for you also discard any fruit as that wouldn't be sealed and thus unsafe. If you feel the fruit is alright for your child to eat then be sure to wash it thoroughly and inspect it good for any small holes. Slice the fruit up for them to look for any hidden hazards.
  2. Make sure your kids are not hungry by feeding them before they go out Trick Or Treating so they are less likely to want to munch on any candy.
  3. Don't give small children hard candies, peanuts or gum as they can be a choking hazard.
  4. Discard any homemade candy unless you watched them get it from someone you trust. It would be a good idea to separate any such items as you go to avoid confusion once you get home.
  5. After your kids are so hyper that you think they are about to hit the stratosphere from all that sugar make sure they brush their teeth.

Girl Clown
Girl Clown

Royalty Free Picture: Clown

Halloween Costume Safety Guide

I know of some parents who go to great lengths to be sure their kids look awesome for Halloween. Spending a few moments thinking about Halloween Costume Safety will ensure they look just as good when they return home after all their fun and mayhem.

  1. Make sure any purchased costumes are made from flame retardant materials.
  2. Choose to use nontoxic hypoallergenic face paint instead of letting them wear a mask. They will be able to see where they are going much better and be far less likely to trip and fall.
  3. Halloweens costumes should be short enough so as not to cause your kids to trip and fall.
  4. If your kid must wear a mask make sure it fits their head good and stays in place. They should be able to see good through the eye holes to see where they are going.
  5. Any Halloween costume props like swords, light sabers and such should be made of a flexible material so it doesn't hurt them should they fall upon it.
  6. Add some reflective tape to both sides of their costume and any props. If you don't have any you can find some for sale in the Amazon ads here at a very good price.

Jack O Lantern
Jack O Lantern

Royalty Free Pic - Pumpkin

Halloween Adult Safety Guide

  1. If your going to any Halloween parties be sure not to drink and drive!
  2. Only hand out individually factory sealed and wrapped candies and other goodies. Small toys like stickers and such can be a good alternative to candy.
  3. Avoid giving out home made candy and treats as many parents will simply discard it anyway,
  4. Plan in advance where you plan to take your kids Trick-Or-Treating. I recommend going to nicer neighborhoods as they usually give out better candy! :)
  5. Drive much slower than you normally do because as you know there will be kids everywhere and in their excitement they may forget to look out for cars. Especially watch between parked cars and other visual obstructions for kids or animals darting out unexpectedly.
  6. At your home use artificial lights and candles in place of real candles. These are much safer to use.
  7. Be sure to thoroughly inspect all your kids candy before they are allowed to eat any of it. Do not allow them to eat any candy that isn't factory wrapped and still sealed. Discard any items that have small holes, tears or otherwise looks suspicious.
  8. Make sure your yard and sidewalk is free of anything a person could trip over. Some kids will have masks on that make it much harder to see where they are going. Turning on any outside lights like your porch light will help to light up your yard and make it known your inviting the little ghosts and goblins to partake in the sweet goodness that your offering up.

Chihuahua dog
Chihuahua dog

Royalty Free Picture - Chihuahua

Halloween Pet Safety Guide

  1. If you own a black cat keep it locked up for its own safety. Personally I would keep all my animals safe inside if I wasn't taking them along for the fun.
  2. Don't feed you dog or cats any candy. Chocolate can be very dangerous for cats and dogs both.
  3. If you have a candle inside of a Jack O Lantern keep a very close eye on it as your pets can easily knock it over and start a fire. Younger pets may be drawn to the fire out of curiosity too.
  4. Keep your dogs and cats on a leash if you are taking them along for fun.
  5. Buckle up your pets in the car or use a pet carrier.
  6. If any of your pets don't do well with strangers keep them locked in another room behind a closed door or a doorway gate. This will ensure they don't bite any of your Halloween guests or run outside and get lost.

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By Anthony Goodley ©Anthony Goodley 2010 All Rights Reserved Worldwide.

If there are any Halloween Tips you think should be included here please add them to the comments below to help make this Halloween Safety Guide better for everyone. I will add them to the hub soon. Thank You!

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Halloween Safety Guide Comments

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    • andrebreynolds profile image


      8 years ago

      Great information. Safety should be a priority on every event.

    • MyWebs profile imageAUTHOR

      Anthony Goodley 

      9 years ago from Sheridan, WY

      It's great to see you Internetwriter62! Yes it is very important and I hope everyone stays safe every Halloween.

    • Internetwriter62 profile image


      9 years ago from Marco Island, Florida

      Good work, safety is definitely an important thing to consider especially at Halloween.

    • MyWebs profile imageAUTHOR

      Anthony Goodley 

      9 years ago from Sheridan, WY

      I'm sure someone will think of something I missed. Thanks for stopping by drbj.

    • drbj profile image

      drbj and sherry 

      9 years ago from south Florida

      What a complete compendium of safety tips, MyWebs, I don't believe there is a single tip you omitted. Thanks.

    • MyWebs profile imageAUTHOR

      Anthony Goodley 

      9 years ago from Sheridan, WY

      Thanks for the compliment and being the first to comment. Welcome to hubpages. :)

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      This is a fantastic Halloween guide, lots of details and plenty of good ideas!


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