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Halloween Table Decorations Made Easy

Updated on October 5, 2016

These great table decorations take minimal time to create and will have maximum impact at your Halloween party this year.

Autumn Leaves Table Runner

Take some large fall leaves from your garden and superglue them onto a simple paper runner. It really is as simple as that and looks incredibly effective on a large dining table adorned with candles. If you’re not happy with the thought of a paper runner, then cut out your autumn leaves from stiff fabric or felt and glue or stitch them together to make a colourful and festive dressing for your Halloween table.

Leaf Drink Coasters

Again, use an autumn leaf as your inspiration for this easy craft. Trace its shape onto a piece of thick card and cut out, or jigsaw them out of board for a longer-lasting coaster. Paint your coaster in autumn colors and, if you’re feeling particularly artistic, use a thin paintbrush to add the veins of each leaf. Leave to dry and coat with several layers of clear yacht varnish to add a durable, professional finish.

Mini Pumpkin Placeholders

These gorgeous placeholders will really make an impact at a more formal Halloween gathering and are a breeze to make. Simply take one mini-pumpkin per placeholder and make a deep slit in the stalk using a sharp knife. Take your time, as this can be a little fiddly and be careful not to cut yourself in the process. Now take some sturdy black card and cut this into business card sized rectangles (one rectangle per guest). Using a metallic gold pen, write the name of each guest on the rectangles. If you're feeling even more artistic, use other metallic pens in various fall colors to add extra detail. To complete the look, simply slot a card into each mini pumpkin stalk and voila! Your placeholders are complete and ready to wow your guests!


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    • profile image

      Katy Meir 7 years ago

      Brilliant Hub that gave me loads of ideas for today. Happy Halloween.