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Halloween Trick or Treat Safety Tips

Updated on October 27, 2016

Safety Tips

Halloween is days away and safety is always a concern for this holiday. As we get the right costumes for our little ones we must also make sure that they are safe and secure while enjoying this fun and candy filled evening. Here are a few tips for safety that parents may want to follow.

1. Make sure to buy age appropriate costumes- It is important to buy costumes that fit your child's age group. Some costumes come with very small pieces and props that may not be safe for younger trick or treaters. So check the label for age restrictions.

2. Neighborhood matters!- Be sure to pick a safe neighborhood for your children to be in. Checking local sites for sex offenders and high crime areas will help in ensuring safety on this night. There are now apps that can also help in determining if the neighborhood is safe.

3. Never let your chid out of your sight- It is ok to stand a small distance to watch as your child goes up to a door. But you should always be close by and keep a watchful eye on your child at all times. There are also apps that provide GPS service so that you can track your child's location.

4. Check all items in your child's goodie bag- This is extremely important because there has been instances of people putting foreign objects in the treats given out on this holiday. If the treat is not store bought and in its original wrapper it is best to discard. Also take extra care to make sure that no objects have been inserted and rewrapped.

5. Consider other options besides door to door- Many businesses now host Halloween parties for children to avoid them from being on the street at night. The local malls usually always provide this option. Check businesses to see if they are offering some kind of trick or treat options.

Happy Halloween!!!

Will you be out Trick or Treating or staying home and passing out candy?

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