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Halloween Yard Decoration Ideas

Updated on September 25, 2015

Decorating The Yard for Halloween

Halloween is a big holiday for many people. Not only do they trick or treat, but they party and decorate, and in many cases the yard is decorated in order to achieve the spookiest yard. Although, not all of the Halloween decorations are spooky, there are some that are pretty lifelike, and depending on what look you're trying to achieve, you will be able to find something to decorate your yard with.

There are many different types of yard décor that you can choose from. Most of the décor will rang from lights, props, and even sounds. You'll find that most people just stick with lights and props, and when it comes to props, there really is a wide assortment that you can choose from.

Some of the more common Halloween props will include skulls and skeletons, tombstones, cobwebs, zombies, ghosts, and pumpkins. Some of the props will light up, some will make noise, some may be animated, and some of the Halloween props just sit there and look scary (or silly depending on what look you want to achieve).

It's best that you have an idea of what look you want your lawn to have before you start shopping. Lay out your yard and what props you think you want to use, and go from there. Check out a few tips and ideas for decorating your house and yard for Halloween.

Skulls and Skeletons

Bones, skulls, and full skeletons are a highly sought after decoration for many yards. They're great additions to gravesites, around graves and tombstones. Depending on what you're looking for, you can purchase evil skulls and skeletons or just generic expressions.

It's much easier to purchase bones and skeletons that it is to make them, but if you have plenty of time for preparation, you can use paper mache techniques to make your own. You'll want to paint them and have plenty of room to make a mess while designing your bones.

Skeletons are great when decorated with a little cobwebs.

Sometimes, it looks spooky when you have a few bones here and a pile of bones there, but then the closer to the door an old, scary skeleton.

It's common to have a skeleton sitting with a pumpkin or jack-o-lantern on a few piles of hay.


Tombstones are great for graveyard scenes. They're fun to have around the yard, especially if you're using ghosts and skeletons to decorate your yard with. There are so many options and designs that you can purchase already made, but you can make tombstones as well.

You can use cardboard and foam. Paint them a gray color and use a black sharpie or paint to right whatever words or saying you want on the tombstone.

When arranging the tombstones, you may want to have some leaning and some fallen from wear and tear and age.

You may want to consider adding graves by the tombstones, which are easy to make. You can dig up the yard, but after Halloween, you'll still have a hold in the yard. As an alternative, you can use sand, potting soil, or dirt and pile it up in a grave shape. Pack it down carefully. It's fun to put the zombie hands in your grave digging out.


Cobwebs are always creepy. You can wrap them around bushes, trees, doorways, around skeletons, tombstones, and other props. Add fake spiders to your cobwebs, and see what happens.

It's much easier to purchase fake cobwebs than make them. They're pretty cheap too, and re-usable. You can purchase Halloween cobweb in different colors, sizes, and designs. Some are more realistic than others.

Just be careful of putting the cobwebs near open flames or near walkways. You still want your guests and trick or treaters to make it to the door.


Zombies are always scary. They're a great addition to any gravesite scene. Having hands and body parts reaching up, if not an entire zombie statue can easily scare someone.

If you have a lot of time for preparation, you an make zombie dummies and zombie parts, just like the bones. Paper mache is quick and easy, but it can be time consuming. Sometimes it's just easier to purchase the Halloween props than it is to make them.


Ghosts are easy to make, but even easier if you purchase pre-made ones for the yard. If you opt to make them, though, all you need is old white sheets and cut them into whatever size you want your ghosts to be. Find materials that you can use for the head, such as newspaper balls (newspaper is cheap to come by). Us branches, car antennas, or whatever you can find around the house or yard to hang or post up our ghosts.


Pumpkins are an all time Halloween favorite. You can make jack-o-lanterns with any design that you want, or you can purchase pumpkin inflatables and props. Halloween pumpkins can be friendly or evil.

Generally, these do not fit in with your gravesite scene, if that's what you're going for, but if you find the right pumpkin, there's no reason why you can't add it to your Halloween yard decorations.

Halloween Inflatable Decorations

There are inflatables for just about every holiday that you may want to decorate your yard for. The Halloween inflatables are great. There are some scary ones, some funny ones, pirates, ghosts, vampires, headless horsemen, zombies, pumpkins, witches, grim reapers, and so much more.

You'll be very surprised about what options you have for inflatables.

Halloween Decoration Tips

There are so many things that you can do when decorating your yard for Halloween, just remember that it's best that you keep the props and design acceptable to the size yard that you have. You don't want to cram everything in a small yard because you'll probably end up with a very junky appearance, which more than likely isn't what you're looking for.

The smaller your yard is, the more minimalistic that you want to go. But, if you have a large yard, that doesn't mean that you should trash it up with as many props as you can. It's best that you have everything laid out and designed before you start putting things up.

Try to keep taller things toward the back, and shorter things out front so they can be seen.

Just be careful of theft and vandalism because when decorating your yard for Halloween as long as there's something interesting going on, you're leaving yourself susceptible to having it stolen or demolished. It's recommended that you don't set things up too close to the road, and secure the props and decorations if possible.


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    • What's News profile image

      What's News 

      8 years ago

      I like the Tombstones. I think I might get some for the yard this Halloween.

    • BevsPaper profile image


      8 years ago from Central Indiana

      Love your Halloween Yard Décor ideas!

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Great hub! I've been making horror props for years and am usually right on the edge of having people call the cops on me for what I've done to my front yard. You have a lot of good tips in here. The one about protecting your props is very important! I've had people try to steal crap out of my yard while trick or treating. I always set everything up the morning of trick or treating and bring most of it back in that night just to keep anything from happening to it. I've got a hub about the things I've done as well. Check it out!

    • Philipo profile image


      9 years ago from Nigeria

      Great, detailed, scary and informative hub. Thanks for educating.

    • funnebone profile image


      9 years ago from Philadelphia Pa

      Nicely done as always. I think it is great when people decorate their yards for Halloween. Usually it is done with some reserve contrary to Christmas which usually end up like the Griswalds

    • marcofratelli profile image


      9 years ago from Australia

      Hey Whitney, some great tips here. I've never seen those Arm Stakes before now, they look pretty cool! :)


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