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Halloween: a Celtic New Year

Updated on October 28, 2011
Jack o' Lantern
Jack o' Lantern

All Hallow's Eve

Pumpkin lanterns, macabre costumes, white ladies, Dracula, vampires, dead people rising...these are the things I used to remember when this memorable day passes every year. It always gives me creep imagining what if dead creatures are true during Halloween. What if...

Halloween is an annual holiday celebrated October 31st before All Soul's Day.The day is often associated with orange and black, and is strongly associated with symbol.

The Mystery of the Celts

Most inhabitants of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland have Celtic heritage. During the migration period from Central Europe, most of them stayed in these two countries. The Gauls of France are also descendants of Celts.

Celts are often associated with the popular Stonehenge in UK wherein early religion celebrate the Summer Solstice. It is also considered one of the wonders of the ancient civilization.

The Samhain Festival

The Gaelic festival is of Celtic origin. Celts lived in the Central Europe before the migration period and limited themselves in many parts of today's United Kingdom of Great Britain or U.K.

The Celts believed that there's an opening on Earth that both bad and good spirits pass through during the midnight of October 31st and can create chaos to the people. To ward them off, people disguised themselves with scary costumes that's why we often dress scary clothes during the celebration of Halloween.

It also falls to the end of an old year in Celtic calendar, so, it is really the Celtic New Year. The Halloween, that is.

History of Jack o' Lantern

Jack was a farmer full of vices, like drinking. He was the one who tricked the devil by leading Satan to a hollow tree then put a cross on the bark. The Devil cursed Jack, in return by saying that the man will live forever and roam the Earth with just a pumpkin lantern on his hands to guide him in dark nights.

Trick or Treat

The origin is somewhat dark. During the Inquisition Period, friars used this to the families who were branded as heretics as they were against the regulations of the church. Heretics are often punished through fire in front of the inhabitants of the city or county.

Nowadays, children are enjoying it because of candies and sweet surprises being given by the owners of the households they visited by knocking the doors expecting for some treats not tricks.

Other Attractions

Attractions include Masquerade Ball or Costume Parties. Bonfires are also enjoyed by the youth, usually dancing around the fire. Theme parks with scary characters are being crave by the children as well. You can also old houses and castles believed to be haunted.

Halloween Business

An array of pumpkins usually crowded the outdoor displays in many super mart in the land. You can buy costumes for the occasion you want to attend to. It will also depend upon your budget.

I think I'll just watch horror movies to pass the time.


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    • travel_man1971 profile image

      Ireno Alcala 6 years ago from Bicol, Philippines

      @Celestial Elf: Thanks for the link. Watched it and read your script. Very entertaining. :D

    • profile image

      Celestial Elf 6 years ago

      Great Post,

      I thought that you might like my machinima film of

      The Song Of Amergin, A Samhain Story,

      Blessed Be & Happy New Year

      Celestial Elf ~

    • travel_man1971 profile image

      Ireno Alcala 8 years ago from Bicol, Philippines

      Don't be, Jana08_cute. You have to be tough facing any challenges in life.

    • Jana08_cute profile image

      Jana08_cute 8 years ago

      I'm scared watching horror films like Halloween.