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The Artful Halloween Origami Bat

Updated on February 20, 2017
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Sherry has been using origami folds to make rosettes and medallions since 2003. She shares art/craft techniques and ideas on the Internet

Origami Bats on Oak
Origami Bats on Oak

Make Your Own Halloween Bat Decorations

The Origami Bat is fun. I discovered a paper craft book that is very enjoyable, and the origami bat pattern in the book is easy and instructions are clear and well presented.

The book is called Paper Folding Made Easy by Kris Mason. This paper folder enthusiast has already written about the origami bat that appears in the book.

Hang around the bat cave and explore what one bat enthusiast has done for Halloween with an origami bat pattern.

Intro photo is a miniature bat choir on an aged piece of wood. Bats about two inches high.

Origami bat for Halloween
Origami bat for Halloween

For Halloween 2012. More bat sculptures are being made. Origami bats on wood, 3" X 7".

Hanging Bat Wall Decor

Paper Folding Made Easy by Kris Mason - A Book Review

Paper Folding Made Easy
Paper Folding Made Easy

This book has a lot of bang for the buck. All the folds are easy. Folds for Kids, cards, scraping and decorations. Also cootie catchers, paper airplanes, the necklace chain and the origami bat.

Remember when you learned the necklace chain during the summer sessions at elementary school? Every summer I revisited that craft till 5th grade. 8 sheets of folding tiles for cards and box toppers are included.

Printed very attractively with dozens of pictures. KP Krause Publications, Iola, WI. 2002

Handmade Halloween Decorations
Handmade Halloween Decorations

Love This Book

The book in the above spotlight I have used repeatedly and tried every pattern. I have had fun using different paper motifs to make several cards in 4X5 and 5X7 inch sizes.

The paper bat pattern has given me a continued run of creative ideas. Halloween just makes more reason to paper fold bats.

Hanging sculpture at right is two sided. Other side below.

origami bat halloween decorations
origami bat halloween decorations

Halloween Fun

and Paper Folding Crafts

Halloween is a holiday that many children enjoy. Put your imagination to work and share time around the kitchen table with young ones.

Try making the bats. Your creations just might be your cave's spooky denizens for many more Halloweens to come.

The Bat Choir

The Bat Choir Baritones

Use the Origami Bat for Greetings

Use Origami Bats for Greetings
Use Origami Bats for Greetings

This time of year I make Halloween themed greeting cards. They are popular at the arts or crafts shows that are numerous this time of the year.

Wear the Origami Bat

I made little bats and attached them to a necklace for wearing during the Halloween season.
I made little bats and attached them to a necklace for wearing during the Halloween season.

2012 Origami Bat Idea - Bats on Lavender Branch

Paper Folding

Have you made the origami bat for Halloween?

See results
Halloween Bats and Halloween craft ideas
Halloween Bats and Halloween craft ideas

Wall Hanging

I did a little altering to the pattern for this wall hanging.

Kris Mason, author of the book I highlight here, left a message in the comment section.

Open Book on Halloween Night

Hollowed room of dread

And imagined pain.

Dank and mossy stones

Gleam for night's rain.

Lightening blinks hinting

At dark and awful shapes.

Revealing ghosts

Of yesterday's fates.

As he sits against the headboard,

Woolens pulled to the chin

Hoping to ward off a flashing sword.

Why! Such a little sin.

Demons of fright

Flung on the floor.

New book of Poe

There it lays at the door.

Red port and laudanum fare

Darken this cloudy lair.

No time soon the day breaking

Will rest this horror the storms are making.


Artful Origami Bat Gallery

Taking photos are a much fun a making the sculpture
Taking photos are a much fun a making the sculpture
Bats on Credit Card Sleeves
Bats on Credit Card Sleeves

© 2010 Sherry Venegas

Boo! Out for more Halloween origami bat making

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  • Nancy S Oram profile image

    Nancy Oram 2 years ago

    My son needed a bat craft for the daycare he works at. I knew you were the go-to for all things paper. Thanks once again!

  • paperfacets profile image

    Sherry Venegas 5 years ago from La Verne, CA

    @anonymous: How do you do, Kris. Why yes, I enjoy the book and use the tea bag fold medallions for cards that I sell at the Farmer's Market. I admire your book's presentation. Very well done. Let me know if you happen to publish another paper folding book. Thank you so much for the message.

    Sincerely, Sherry @ paperfacets

  • LaurenIM profile image

    LaurenIM 5 years ago

    I've made thousands of paper cranes but never bats. These are really "artful" they are beautifully displayed.

  • profile image

    anonymous 5 years ago

    I ran across this site by accident, I wrote the book you mentioned (Paper folding made easy) It warms my heart to know there are people out there still enjoying my work. Love the necklace by the way.

    Thanks for the pick-me up!

    Happy folding,


  • Virginia Allain profile image

    Virginia Allain 5 years ago from Central Florida

    I like the way you use these on the cards and in a necklace. Very nice craft for Halloween.

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