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Eyeball relay race and other Halloween games

Updated on October 26, 2011

halloween games


Eyeball Relay

Supplies needed:

1 Ping pong ball for each team (painted like an eyeball)

1 spoon for each team

Divide children into teams. Give the first child on each team a

spoon and a ping pong ball.

Set up the course to where they have to carry the "EYE" on the

spoon to the end of the course and come back. Hand off to the

next child and continue until all children have played on the

team. First team done wins!

Spider Web

Supplies needed:

Ball of black yarn

Children stand in a circle. A ball of yarn is thrown across to

another child. The child holds on to a piece of the yarn and

then throws the ball across to another child. Continue until a

spider web is created.

Mummy Wrap

Supplies needed:

Toilet paper on a roll

Teacher or adult helper Chair

If you desire to make this a relay, then you will need a roll of

toilet paper for each team, an adult, and a chair.

Each child takes turn wrapping up the adult as a mummy. Don't

forget to unwrap them!

Spider Relay

Divide children into teams. Set up a course for them to race on.

Have first child of each team sit down, put their arms behind

them and walk (AKA crab walk) to the end of the course and

back. Tag the next child and repeat until all the teams finish.

Candy Corn Relay

Supplies needed:

Candy corn (you will need a lot)

1 Pumpkin or ghost bucket for each team

1 Spoon for each team

Divide children into teams. Set up a course for them to race on.

Children scoop up candy corn in spoon and race to the end of

the course and dump the candy in the bucket. Run back and

tag the next person. First team finishing.wins.

Pop the Balloon

Supplies needed:

At least 2 balloons for each child

Enough "treats" for each balloon to have one

Add the "treat" inside each balloon and blow up. Tie the balloon.

Dump all the balloons on the floor and tell the children how

MANY they may pop. The children must pop the balloons by

sitting on them and bouncing.

Treat ideas: spider or other types of rings, candy, mini balls,

anything small that will fit inside a balloon.

Ghost Waiter

Supplies needed:

Balloon for each team

Paper plate for each team

Divide children into teams. Set up a course for them to race on.

The child has to balance a balloon on a paper plate while

walking it down the course and back to their team.

Scarecrow Nose

Supplies needed:




Adult helpers

Before the party, paint a scarecrow on a sheet. Cut out the

area where the nose is. Keep in mind the height of the children

playing the game!

Divide the children into 2 teams. Take one team out into the

hall. The other team stays in the classroom. Have the adults

hold the sheet up. The first child out in the hall puts their nose

through the hole in the sheet. The children in the classroom try

to guess who is the scarecrow's nose.

Balloon Sweep

Supplies needed:

1 Broom for each team

1 Balloon for each team

Divide children into teams. Set up a course for them to race on.

The children are to run relays sweeping the balloon along the

course and back to their team. First team having all their

classmates through the course wins.

Put a face on the pumpkin

Supplies needed:

Pumpkin cut out of poster board

Orange, yellow, and black paint


Double-stick tape

Straws (purchase more than one per child)


Create the pumpkin ahead of time. Make one for each team.

Use double-stick tape on the areas where you want the face to

be placed. Cut out, and paint, the pieces for each of the

pumpkins. Create 2 eyes, nose, mouth, teeth, stem, and a leaf

for each pumpkin. These will be the pieces that the children

will place on the pumpkin.

Child picks up a pumpkin piece with a straw (by inhaling) and

places it on the paper pumpkin that is on the wall. Tape is

already on the paper pumpkin where the piece should be set.

Make a relay to see which team can create their pumpkin face


Trick or Treat Game

Supplies needed:



Have the children write the words "Trick or Treat" on a piece of

paper. Set a timer. See how many words they can make out of

"Trick or Treat". Let children eat treats while they create the


Walk the fence

Supplies needed:

Masking tape

Make masking tape lines on the floor for each team. Divide the

children into teams. Have the children walk backward on line of

tape on floor. Go to end of tape, turn around and walk

backward to team. First team finishing.wins.

Food Relay

Supplies needed:

Food items *


Place several choices of food on a plate at the end of a relay

course. . Divide the children into teams. The first child in line

must run to the table, choose a food item, eat it, swallow it, and

race back to the line as fast as they can. The child tags the

next in line and the race continues until all the children have

eaten and raced.

* Food suggestions: 1 piece of caramel, saltine cracker, large

marshmallow, olive, several M&Ms, pickle, piece of cheese,

carrot, and a hard boiled egg.


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  • Moon Daisy profile image

    Moon Daisy 9 years ago from London

    Wow, you've got so many ideas, thanks! You made me laugh with "Don't forget to unwrap them". You sound like a real Halloween expert!