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Halloween celebrates Scorpio

Updated on October 29, 2011

What are we celebrating during Halloween these days?

Halloween has become a massive celebration in the Western world. Children get excited not only at the prospect of disguising their identity, but also being out of bed at night, being spooked and facing magic in the open. In reality, Halloween has become the subconscious celebration of that which we cannot explain and yet we intuit, it deserves to be honored. As adults we have lost the capacity to be amazed as much as we have learned to hide our real emotions and maintain a straight face against circumstances that can clearly take us off balance.

The message of the month of Scorpio is perfectly synchronized with the Halloween celebration and perhaps it is brought to life by this holiday as a reminder that whatever we bury deep in the unconscious is bound to come to the surface with a stronger voice. Children are at ease with their fears and emotions as they freely express them while adults mask them beneath a rational exterior.

There are many celebrations around the world while the Sun is transiting Scorpio (roughly 24 October to 23 November) and many of them are referring to the concept of renovation: Halloween on 31st October, All Saints day (1st November), Diwali (Hindu New Year) and Kathina (5th November). In order to give origin to something new, first the old needs to be destroyed; in order to bring light we must become aware of darkness.

(There is a brief list and explanation of the holidays in this link: )

Scorpio: unveiling the truth

The energy of Scorpio will lead us to look into the depth of our individual nature. Whether through crises, unexpected changes in our circumstances or the loss of someone close to us, the connection with our deep emotions will become stronger and demand attention.

This month while the sun transits Scorpio, we are likely to witness in others those emotions and attitudes we refuse to recognize as ours. This may lead to dramatic reactions. We may find our best friends irritating and our family members unbearable. Acknowledging that what irritates us in others may be what we need to integrate into our personality is essential to our personal development.

Whilst Halloween may seem the celebration of darkness, it offers a great opportunity to remember that far from perfection we also have a dark side that instead of ignoring and hiding should be acknowledged


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