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Cool Halloween Decoration Ideas

Updated on July 27, 2015

Cool Halloween Decorations

Halloween has become the second-most popular day to celebrate during the year, only behind Christmas in popularity. That has resulted in even a lot of creativity, as there are no limitations on what cool decorations or costumes one can use on the scary day.

Some of the more traditional Halloween themes include spiders, spider webs, ghosts, carved pumpkins and orange lights.

Other ideas include the more exotic inflatable Halloween decorations, usually for the outdoors, as well as what looks like cemeteries, or cemetery head stones. Some monsters appearing to be coming out of the ground are also a great hit for this time of the year.

There are also graveyard-looking props, and all sorts of homemade Halloween creations to give you a great number of ideas to choose from.

I think that's why Halloween is so fascinating to people. The unlimited number of choices out there allow for enormous choices that bring out the creativity in all of us.

Below are a number of Halloween decoration ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

Inflatable Halloween Props

Among my favorites of all Holiday decorations in general, are inflatable props, and with Halloween, as you can see below, there are numerous choices which can be very cool and compelling to visitors.

The one like the cemetery below is great for putting in front of your door to give the impression entering is a risky proposition. Lots of fun!

Inflatable Halloween Cemetery Prop

Lighted Indoor Halloween Tree

Even though the lighted Halloween tree is the focus below, what I particularly like about it is the ability to do the same outdoors if you chose to, with some drapes or curtains you don't care about using.

Picture the entry inflatable above, but using a setup like the one below as a homemade Halloween decoration. It is easy, compelling, and adds even more of the fear factor in that you could exit your home with a flourish and open the drapes to the nervous children (and adults) waiting for your candy.

Halloween Tree

Halloween Decorations Using Skulls and Cobwebs

While decorating outside your home for Halloween sets the mood for visitors, decorating inside your home sets the mood for family and friends. The example below is a very good one, as you can see by the orange hue of the colors included in the decoration design, as well as the properly placed cobwebs, skulls and other props that create the scary atmosphere.

Decorating Room for Halloween

Flying Halloween Witch Decoration

This flying Halloween witch is a great touch, but I would put it in a more shadowy area of the house in order to give it the more scary and ominous look we all enjoy at Halloween. This also is a good example of something that could be made very effectively at home for Halloween.

Halloween Witch

Spider Webs as Part of Halloween Décor

A decoration that always works at Halloween is a spider web or cobweb. These are very easy to make if you choose to, or of course can be bought at a store. Either way, some of these strategically placed inside and outside the house are a great way to give you that haunted house look.

Simply add some skulls, bats or spiders to complete the look.

Halloween Spider Webs

Making Wreaths for Halloween

Using materials like those seen below are one way to create a wonderful Halloween wreath to place in your doorway or between posts, as seen below, to delight all your visitors. I like that spider coming down in the middle of the wreath.

Halloween Wreath

Decorating for Halloween Using Ghosts

Halloween ghosts are a must have for the season, and as you see in the photos, are very cool and easy to make. There are a lot of materials you could use to create the illusion of the wispy ghost body and different lights, shapes and choices for the ghost head or heads to add the type of look you're searching for.

Halloween Ghost Decorations

Halloween Decoration Ideas

As you can see, you can get creative and inexpensive with your Halloween decorations, or could choose spend some money in order to create the type of atmosphere and fun you want to display in this spooky season.

Either way, put a little effort into it and you'll be the neighborhood house people want to come to and look at when the Halloween season rolls around.


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