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Halloween Lights

Updated on August 14, 2012

Ideas for Halloween Lights

Halloween lights are becoming an increasingly large part of the Halloween holidays, and there are a number of things you can do to enhance that experience; whether you prefer to just add some touches around the house, or you like to make a big display for everyone to enjoy.

As you can see in the photos below, Halloween lights as decorations go beyond what we would think of as traditional orange lighting. Now anything that gives off a sense of the foreboding and scary will work.

It's as compelling as your imagination will take you as to what you can do with lights for the Halloween season. Simply adding some different colored lights in or around some Halloween decorations creates great ambiance and feel which your neighbors, family and visitors will appreciate.

Think of a variety of light colors and how they would look around or add to certain outdoor Halloween decorations you have, and you'll enjoy a great Halloween look for your home.

Traditional Outdoor Halloween Lights

In this first photo of Halloween outdoor lights, I thought I would include a look at what would be considered traditional Halloween light colors. The orange lights, as you can see, will always continue to work in any Halloween theme. That isn't going to change, and so to go that route with Halloween lights ensures a relevant look and experience.

Traditional Halloween Lights Outdoor Decorations

Variety of Halloween Light Colors

As you can see from the following photos, Halloween lights can be offered in different colors and remain true to the theme of the season, which is fun and scary.

The first house with the green lights is very unique and interesting, and the hue from the lights really give it a nice, scary and ominous feel.

For the second house it's represents the fun, scary side of Halloween, which has the characters and lights offered and different colors, depending on the particular Halloween characters they're place in and around. It also makes for a light and fun, faux and scary Halloween.

Green Halloween Lights

Multi-Colored Halloween Lights and Figures

Unique Halloween Lights on House

I saved this house as the last Halloween light idea because the lights themselves - especially those shaped like the spider web - are very poignant and stand out beautifully.

That combination of orange and purple lights on the house also offer up nice hues which blend together nicely. It's a good look at how a variety of different light colors, shapes and combinations can make a strong statement using your Halloween light decorations.

Ideas for Halloween Lights

I added this last Halloween lights idea because you can take anything you have like seen below, add some lights to it, and make it look like almost anything you want. There are so many easy things to do like this that you could find anything around the house to use for Halloween decorations if you add some lights to them.

Look how easy the one below is. Take a couple of jars, cut out some Halloween figures, put them on the jar and add some lights. Voila! A great Halloween decoration with lights you could make in a few minutes.

Halloween Lights Ideas

Fun of Halloween Lights

Looking at the houses with the Halloween lights and different Halloween outdoor decorations, you can see why lights at Halloween time are becoming so popular. If you have a lot of crafty stuff or bottles or jars around the house, you can also see how easily you can put together a few things that will bring delight and fun to those looking at or visiting your home at Halloween time.


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    • StephNOk profile image

      StephNOk 8 years ago

      Cool! Thanks for sharing! I love the spiderweb of lights, great idea!