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Best Halloween Costumes for Women, Men, Couples and Kids

Updated on November 14, 2010


The History of Halloween

Halloween is believed to have originated from the Celtic festival of Samhain. The festival was held at the end of every summer. The Celts were a very suspicious people. Their calender was different than ours of today. The festival in general was the symbol of the years end. For some reason the Celts believed that the barrier between the Spirit world and Our world was thin during this time of the year, allowing both harmful and harmless spirits to pass through. This soon led to large gatherings in one place to ward off evil spirits, which in turn gives us our Halloween Balls. They were said to have warded off the spirits by wearing masks and such, hence the ritual of Halloween Costumes. But why did kids start going door to door trick or treating? This actually dates back to the Middle Ages when peasants and lower class people would go from door to door on Hallowmas, asking for food in return for prayers of their loved ones on All Souls Day, which was the 2nd of November. So combined with the masking to ward off evil spirits and begging of poor folk, we now have Trick or Treaters.

I also want to add a little bit about the UNICEF organization. In years past UNICEF promoted itself mostly on Halloween. I guess they figured it would be hard for adults to turn down cute kids dressed up asking for donations. Since then they have discontinued the program, but they still remain active. If you want to help out this Halloween visit their website at for more information.

Top 5 Halloween Costumes for Men

#1 Jake Sully

Jake Sully of Avatar has got to be the best designed costume out there. Not only do you look cool wearing it, but you get to show off your pecs too.

#2 Jack Sparrow

Captain Jack has got to be the coolest pirate ever. Even better, you can easily impersonate his voice. Just talk like a blubbering drunk pirate and there you have it. Great costume to get chicks with also.

#3 Mad Hatter

Johnny Depp really brought the Mad Hatter character to life in the latest Alice in Wonderland film. The Mad Hatter is a good costume because it allows you to act absolutely insane for one night of the year with no people judging you.

#4 Chucky

Who could forget the infamous Chucky. I loved Chucky from my childhood. I have to admit he scared me when I was a little kid, but now it seems as he's just a cool dude and fun to laugh at. His screams when he got hurt were always funny to me.

#5 Jonah Hex

From Comic Book to Motion Picture. Dress up like this dude, but maybe try to find a way to implement your own makeup. Find some way to make it look like you have a scar on your face or even better, if you really have a scar on your face then this is a must have for you.

Top 5 Halloween Costumes for Women

#1 Lady Gaga

It seems like this lady came out of nowhere. She is already taking over the pop industry with her crazy costumes and antics. Every guy will be gawking at you pleading for your number after seeing you in this outfit.

#2 Neytiri

Again we come to Neytiri from the hit movie Avatar. Neytiri was absolutely awesome in the movie and very attractive if you like cartoon characters. If you have a guy friend or significant other, the two outfits are best worn together.

#3 Wonder Woman

One of the greatest syndication super hero series of all time. Become your own Linda Carter and rock this Wonder Woman outfit. Guys are sure to love it.

#4 Batgirl

One of my personal favorites, since I am a Comic Book enthusiast. Batgirl has always been extremely hot to me. I guess it's something about the mask. It makes you think there is a mystery to her.

#5 The Queen of Hearts a.k.a. The Red Queen

Once again another great character portrayed very well in the real life take on Alice in Wonderland. Wear this costume and treat people as rudely as you want for the rest of the evening.

Top 4 Halloween Costumes for Couples

#1 Avatar

Avatar was without a doubt the best computer generated film yet. With all of the graphics and action, I can only imagine what will come next. The Avatar characters are tops on my list because of the great design of their characters.

#2 The Lock and Key

Meant to be interpreted differently, this is one of my favorite costumes because it always gets a chuckle. Not many people wear this, but I think it's for the sole fact that they don't know it exists.

#3 Plug and Outlet

Going under the same idea as the lock and key, I love this obscenely insinuating costume. Just like the lock and key, it is a great conversation starter and always gets comments.

#4 Bert and Ernie

This costume is mainly meant for buddies. Whether it be guys or gals, nobody can forget the classic couple of Bert and Ernie from their childhood. Work on your Bert and Ernie impressions before you get these costumes.

Top 5 Halloween Costumes for Girls

#1 Hanna Montana

This young lady has stole the hearts of all of our little girls in this world. Snagging them first with her sitcom, she became infinitely famous by singing billboard hits and performing duets with her famous father, Billy Ray Cyrus.

#2 Alice in Wonderland

Once you see your little girl in this, you will just love it. What could be cuter than a miniature Alice in Wonderland. You can even braid her hair to give her a different look than the other Alice's, as I can assure you there will be many.

#3 Jessie from Toy Story

Probably the best compliment to Woody since Buzz came along is Jessie. The long lost partner of Woody from his famous Round up show, is just as country as him. This is a great costume if you have a little girl with a southern draw. She is sure to bring smiles to faces.

#4 Tinkerbell

This is just one of those costumes that will never go out of style. All little girls love Tinkerbell. I have yet to figure out why. Maybe it's because she can fly or it could be that sparkly outfit

#5 Cinderella

One of the best Disney movies of all time has to be Cinderella. A story that could have been told in 5 minutes drawn out to an hour and still a complete hit. Every girl wants to be a princess. With this outfit she gets to be one of the most famous princess's of all time.

Top 5 Halloween Costumes for Boys

#1 Woody

Probably the best trilogy cartoons of all time is Toy Story. They just came out with another this year and it's just as good as the first two in my opinion. Every kid that has ever seen it loves it. What better fictional character to dress up as than the famous Sheriff Woody.

#2 Spider-man

The web slinging Spider-Man has rejuvenated the comic book fan base. The last time I checked there was another Spider-Man movie scheduled to start filming next year and release before 2012. This costume is reversable. Go as the Alien costume or the good old fashion Neighborhood version. The choice is yours, but remember with great power comes great responsibility.

#3 Iron Man

Iron Man is yet another comic book come to life that has taken it's viewers by storm. The comic audience loves it and now you can become a real life Tony Stark by daunting this costume.

#4 Buzz Lightyear

Going back to our Toy Story genre, Buzz Lightyear is the second most popular character, if not the first in some peoples eyes. Shouting to infinity and beyond has become one of the greatest phrases Tim Allen has ever said.

#5 Harry Potter

I think Harry Potter is going to go on forever. It doesn't look like they are ever going to get tired of making those movies. J.K. Rowling is going to keep writing books and keep getting richer because kids just aren't going to get tired of this wizardry entertainment.

Top 5 Sexy Halloween Costumes

#1 Lady Gaga

I know I have a Lady Gaga costume already displayed as the top Women's outfit, but this too is the sexiest outfit out there. Lady Gaga just has that certain sex appeal that every man loves.

#2 Princess Leia

Princess Leia in the most provocative scenes in Star Wars history, got nerds all across the nation to watch. This is the brilliance of George Lucas. Now he has the nerds and all the rest of the guys watching just for putting Carrie Fisher in a revealing temptress outfit.

#3 Dorothy

This costume is a rather new take on the Wizard of Oz. Innocent little Kansas Dorothy is sure to blow guys minds when they see it.

#4 Tinkerbell

The adult take on Tinkerbell has got to be one of the most tempting outfits out there. Dressing as Tinkerbell, you can play hard to get all night, as Tinkerbell never speaks.

#5 Pocahontas

Whatever happened to the American Indian? The most famous I can think of is Pocahontas. If you have a couple friends you can get them to dress up as Lewis and Clark and all 3 can go as one.

Top 5 Superhero Halloween Costumes for Guys

#1 Spider-man

The Amazing Spider-Man was introduced by Stan Lee in 1963. Since then he has become one of the most known super heroes ever. I love this costume because you are able to full cover yourself all over. Nobody will ever know it is you. I remember at one Halloween party we had a guy come as Fat Spider-man. He was the hit of the party.

#2 Batman

Batman hit the scene well before Spidey, debuting in the hit series Detective Comics. Since then he has had syndicated TV shows as well as several movies made about him. The fantastic thing about going as Batman is you get to have an awesome black cape.

#3 Wolverine

The Wolverine was first introduced in The Incredible Hulk comic book. His popularity quickly landed him with the X-men, with an interesting back story. Every X-Men movie I have seen has been simply awesome. I love the Wolverine character because he is a loner. Plus he has cool claws.

#4 Iron Man

Iron Man was introduced in the Tales of Suspense series. The cool thing about going as Iron Man is that you get to wear awesome metallic effects. The red and yellow color scheme really stands out also.

#5 Superman

Superman, who is probably the most famous Super Hero of all falls to number 5 for me only because he is virtually unbeatable. I mean really, how are you going to stop a guy that can see through walls and melt things with his eyes? But once again, you still get to wear a cape.

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