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Handmade Christening Card Ideas

Updated on June 25, 2011

Handmade Christening Card Ideas

Giving a handmade christening card is a lovely and very personal thing, and really shows that you have thought about what you want to say.

With handmade personalized christening cards there are 2 options; you either buy a handmade card or you make one yourself. This article is geared towards the latter i.e. how to make a christening card.

Card making supplies are very widely available and can either be found online, in craft shops and even in supermarkets these days ~ in fact I have a cake decorating shop down the road from me that sells a few card making supplies too.

If you are thinking about making a handmade, then bear in mind that you are really making the card for the mother (assuming it's a baby and not an adult being christened), so if you want to make the right impression go for a design you think they will like.

How to Design a Handmade Card for a Christening

Very often with a handmade christening card less is more. Trying to fit too many embellishments onto a card can make it end up looking over crowded rather than elegant.

The first decision is colour - do you go for the traditional blue or pink card, maybe white card with blue or pink embellishments - or something different.

Once you have your colour worked out you need to think about the size and shape of the card. This is important as decorations that may look good on a 7"x5" card may be too wide for a DL card (DL cards simply mean that they card is more or less twice as long as it is wide i.e. 4" x 8")

How to Decorate a Handmade Card

The type of decoration you use is a personal choice, but the options you have available to you are great.

You could use some of the traditional card christening card embellishments such as teddy bears, or baby bottles or ribbon and bows for your card - or you do a much more individual design.

Why not use dried flowers from the garden, or make a card using a photo of the baby, or how about personalize the card using one of the baby themed rubber stamp kits available.

Christening Card Verses and Wording

Once you've gone to all the trouble of making your card it would be a shame not to add some personal wording to it.

If you're not confident of being able to come up with an appropriate christening verse yourself, you can always get a friend to put something together for you or make use of one of the many free sites containing suggested wording and rhymes for such occasions.


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