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Handmade and Heartfelt: A Gifter's Guide to All Occasions

Updated on December 4, 2012

Let's Talk Shop First

Okay as we know Christmas is usually our biggest gift giving holiday but it is certainly not the only time of year when we give gifts. Yes true we do spend a lot of time and effort to find the perfect gift for people...And yes true we do feel a sense of happiness when we give those gifts, but what about the rest of the year? We kind of forget the rest of the year go to give amazing gifts on Christmas. Almost everyday of the year is a celebration in someone's life that is special and close to their heart and I for one prefer to get something I know has meaning to the person that is giving it. Let's me tell you a story...I promise I have a point to the story.

What would you rather get?

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What kind of gift do you like to get and give?

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Handmade vs Mass Produced

Now don't get mad when I say this but to me hands down I like to receive handmade gifts, but it does depend on the thought behind it. If no effort is put into the gift then I would rather get something store bought. I do take issue with people saying it has to be useful because I know people that say that then never use the item they get. There is something about handmade to be that seems more authentic and unique. I appreciate it more and it holds more value to me because I know someone took the time to think of me and what I like or care about. It doesn't have to be elaborate or fancy. As long as there is thought behind it I love it!There is also a uniqueness that no one else in the world has. I can honestly say that it is mine and not one of a series that other people have. Handmade to me also brings me a sense of joy. I want to show it off and tell people the story behind the gift. Don't get me wrong if it is something I know I will use a lot I don't mind mass produced, but when it comes to something to make me laugh or smile I prefer handmade all the way. As human their are a lot of things we want but don't need we just think we need them. I guess it's because I grew up with little money I have really never put much value in mass produced. In the end, try to see the value in every gift you have given or received and if it puts a smile on your face as well as the person your giving it to then it makes it all worthwhile.

My Own Handmade and Heartfelt Experience

It all happened by mistake....well there are no mistakes so let's call it a happy accident. A lot of people cannot afford to give extravagant gifts all the time or not at all because for one reason or another their budgets do not allow. I am one of those people. Here is my story.

I have always struggled with the idea of not giving my family some sort of gift because I want to show my appreciation but didn't know how. When I had money I would buy them whatever they wanted on their list. The problem was they would love it in the moment then forget about it. I am guilty of the same. When I found myself with less money and more time, I got creative. I decided to use my talents and make my gifts. I made boxes with little portraits on the top of each of them one year and since they liked it so much I decided the next year to make them sculptures of scenes with them in it and a picture frame. I realized in both situations that the thought was appreciated more than when I buy them their gifts. I was beaming with joy and excited that my family enjoyed the personalization in the gifts and even laughed with each other. The pieces I made created a moment a spark if you will. I loved that feeling and I am sure they enjoyed the moment. It also re-sparked my passion for my original love which is art. I am so inspired everyday to make handmade creations and give them to my own family and to anyone who needs a little pick me up.

I know that this holiday I will be giving them that moment again when they receive another handmade creation from me. All I want for Christmas is the joy it brings me to give my handmade gives to my family and with greater joy give them to my clients and their families as well. I love making people happy and creating lasting memories.

Places to Find Handmade and Heartfelt Gifts 365 Days a Year

It's not easy to find quality handmade and heartfelt items. They can range in price from a few dollars to hundreds of dollar depending on how elaborate you want to go. You can also find handmade gifts by doing a search for them as well. I prefer custom handmade gifts because them you can personalize what you get or come up with the idea and then someone else makes what you want. if you are curious about what the gifts are I am giving then visit my Etsy shop and please just look around and tell me what you think:

Zen Garden Inspirations is the name of my Etsy shop where for the first time online I am selling my pieces. I have sold them offline but I want other people I've never met to enjoy them too. I do custom pieces for you , ready made, and kits that will be joy and originality to your holiday. If you have any question please contact me so I can help whatever it is whether it be price or just a question.

On Everything Etsy you can find many tutorials on how to make a variety of gifts yourself which who doesn't like to save money in their pocketbook.

One Pretty Thing another great resource to find ideas and gifts for everyone on the known planet that will appreciate your handmade gifts.

As the ads below show on eBay and Amazon you will find also a variety of handmade gift ideas.

Handmade or Mass Produced? Tell me what you think and why.

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    • DeborahNeyens profile image

      Deborah Neyens 5 years ago from Iowa

      I like to give at least one or two specially handmade gifts every Christmas. We draw names in my family. This year I got my sister-in-law and am working on a beaded bracelet for her. Unfortunately, I don't have enough time to give everyone a handmade gift.