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Hanukkah Gifts for Men

Updated on December 10, 2014

Choose something you believe the man on your list likes based on his personality.

 Online ordering is a wonderful way to keep costs to a minimum and is possible any place and time.
Online ordering is a wonderful way to keep costs to a minimum and is possible any place and time. | Source
Knowing him makes gift giving rewarding. Your smallest gesture is appreciated.
Knowing him makes gift giving rewarding. Your smallest gesture is appreciated.

A perfect gift for any man is a Mezuzuah for the holiday

It’s that time of year again when you need to choose gifts to give for the holiday season. Before the stores get crazy with customers and the frenzy starts to get to you, take the time to choose terrific presents for the men on your list this year. There are a number of ideas for Hanukkah gifts for men and this is a great place to start looking.

Getting started early is always a good option when hunting for bargains for this special celebration. It keeps the noise down to a minimum and the pocket book somewhat full or at least balanced for a while. If you are not able to do an early start, you can still find some wonderful things in the marketplace. Getting the leap on the majority of traffic leaves time to do other things on the holiday list.

No matter when you begin to shop you want to make certain to get the right present for the right person and this is possible with two simple guidelines. Identify what the marketplace has to offer and understand the man you are buying for.

Know the man

Consider what he likes. What type of personality he has. In fact, his temperament and disposition are important as his favorite color when choosing an ideal gift. Know the man to understand the best gift to match him inside and out.

Have a budget

Along with knowing the man, how much you have to spend is usually also a consideration. Although every lottery winner has the option of buying the sky and the moon, most individuals are limited by a budget.

There is a maximum to the amount of money to be spent for every one on the list. With this in mind, there are still options and choices available if you shop the right way.

Getting started

Knowing the man and what you have to spend on him starting the journey makes everything much easier. It means your money is spent in the best way possible on someone you care about, with something he will enjoy as well as not breaking the bank. Get started with these ideas and gift suggestions.

Some of the best Hanukkah gifts for men come in a variety of assortments. There are a variety of types and price ranges to select from to make a present for the special holiday as unique as he is.

A Mezuzah Scroll

This small parchment is inscribed with a bible verse from the Torah. Although this is a particularly religious gift for Hanukkah, it can say a lot with so little. Generally a lot of givers find this present more personal than most.

A Mezuzah is best for a close personal friend or family member on your holiday list. Givers have the choice of a variety of prayers that include but are not limited to Hebrew blessings, Deuteronomy 6 and a number of others. These come in a number of sizes and shapes. The price range for a Mezuzah Scroll can be extremely varied from inexpensive to quite pricey.

Case for Mezuzah

If the man you are buying for already has a Mezuzah, then buy the case for it. Cases for a Mezuzah are available in an assortment of styles, colors, shapes and prices.

There is aluminum, glass, stone, clothe or wood. There are just as many colors, sizes and shapes. This is a fairly inexpensive Hanukkah gift for a man in your life. Although typically small in price, it can certainly say something big from the heart.

Jewelry for him

If your recipient enjoys jewelry there is a variety to be had for the holidays. Start with something small like a Star of David pendent on a chain, cufflinks, a leather Shema Yisreal bracelet, a Star of David bracelet, a bracelet for protection or bracelets for plentifulness, healing or protection. The list is endless for jewelry for a man for the holidays.

There are countless contemporary jewelry designers that have combined ancient motifs with a number of modern elements which make Jewish jewelry more than unique Hanukkah gifts for men.

Putting a personal inscription on jewelry makes it more intimate than most presents. The inscription can be religious or personal.

The type of material you select for a piece will figure into the dollars spent for it. An inexpensive leather bracelet to a diamond pair of cufflinks makes jewelry another gift which gives a variation in price ranges.

A Tallit

A Tallit or Jewish Prayer Shawl is typically worn by men during Morning Prayer services and at synagogues. Although many men don’t habitually wear the Tallit as often as they once did, there are some that still enjoy wearing one.

If the man on your list routinely enjoys wearing one, get him one that is exceptional. There are numerous merchants with a variety of Tallits created from any material and color you can imagine. Having the Tallit embellished with different Jewish traditional patterns or designs makes it even more special and from the heart.

The Tallit as a gift is generally found with a variety of retailers which keeps them competitively priced.

Judaica Art

Judaica art is a special gift that can be given to an individual and enjoyed by everyone. Popularity has been shown for Judaica art by countless people around the world in recent years and the trend is growing.

This particular type of work has been gravitated toward in recent years by young and old alike and the number of artists that are branching out to express themselves in the field of Judaica art is expanding. Contemporary artists are presenting their interpretations of the 2000 year old heritage of the Jewish people via a unique and singular creativity with a modern ingenuity that makes everything created truly unique.

When selecting art as a gift for a man for Hanukkah, imagine a painting, a sculpture, Hanukkah menorahs, Passover Seder plates and so much more that are all exclusively created by hand. This art represents one of kind pieces which cannot be duplicated and are not produced in a factory.

A number of artists that design these pieces are found around the world, but many are located in the United States. Check online gift sites that specialize in Judaica art for pricing and items available.

A Shofar

Shofars are musical implements, horns, played which are quite similar to brass instruments. These Jewish musical devices are hollowed out horns of kosher animals. Used in a number of Jewish religious ceremonies, traditionally Jewish Sephardic communities use the horn of a ram, while Yemenite communities prefer a kudu horn.

Two types are available from merchants. There are Shofars which are decorative only in nature while others are actually able to be played. Along with the two different uses for the Shofar, decorative versus functional, there are a large assortment of colors, shapes and materials they are formed from.

While purchasing a Shofar as a Hanukkah gift for a man, consider a stand to display it or bag for storage. The accessories are typically sold at the same merchant as the Hanukkah gift.

Shofars are typically played for Rosh Hashanah. Smaller Shofars are less expensive than larger ones. Shofars are really competitively priced for decorative horns, but the material they are formed from along with adding accessories can kick the price up a bit.

In conclusion

These are Hanukkah gifts for men which are not quite typical, but a lot of them unique in nature. When shopping for the right gift for the right man you can search a number of various merchants both online and in brick and mortar counterparts for all of these.

Online shopping for Hanukkah is becoming trendier and great deals can be located around the web. Depending on where and what you decide to buy can determine what price will be paid for all of the gifts mentioned here.

Choosing the right gifts for men during this joyous season doesn’t have to be a chore or break the bank if done correctly.

The holidays are to be enjoyed. Delete the stress and worry with the right present for him.
The holidays are to be enjoyed. Delete the stress and worry with the right present for him.

There was a time when if it wasn't made at home or homemade it wasn't worthy. Times have changed. Simply because an item is store bought, or ordered online, it does not mean it is not heartfelt.

The gift given from the heart has nothing to do with where you got it. In fact, the thing counting the most is matching him with the right one.

An individual understanding the core of another person is able to connect them with a product or service which someone they care able is able to find useful and enjoy. This is what matters most.


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