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Happy Birthday April Babies, Teens, And Grown Ups! (Facts About The Month of April & Celebrity Birthdays)

Updated on December 4, 2014


April brings in warmer weather, a month filled with humor and jokes. Many artist born in this month are witty comedians and gifted singers.

This article displays facts about the month of April that can help you celebrate your special loved ones born in this festive month.

The April Birthstone Is Diamond

Petite Diamond Cross Pendant Necklace 14k White Gold (0.33ct)
Petite Diamond Cross Pendant Necklace 14k White Gold (0.33ct) | Source

Facts About The Diamond Gemstone

Diamond is the April birthstone. A stone labeled as a girl’s best friend is one of the most durable stones on earth. The world diamond comes from the ancient Greek word, meaning “Adams” / unbeatable.

Diamonds come in a variety of colors ranging from white to black. Engagements rings, and wedding rings are often showcased as a symbol of unity.

Other Symbols For the Month of April

The zodiac signs for April differ between the Ram and the Bull depending on where your birthrate falls.

The Aries Sign

It is important not to be mislead by zodiac signs. Some people put their trust in psychics to predict their lives religiously. In many cases this false path will lead an innocent person searching for answers in the wrong direction, spiritual and financially. Remember, Life is an unpredictable journey enhanced by destiny.

The Spiritual Nature Behind The April Born Enity

April born spirits tend to be observers, which gives them a comedic sense of knowledge, in which they can easily imitate certain personality traits. Those born in April love to use their imaginations to produce their talent, however if it is a mission that does not grab their attention they will procrastinate.

April born spirits are very helpful, towards others, in which they provide knowledge and genuine feedback, their allure and personality can draw in a crowd.

Those born in April can be enthusiastic about their projects often involving others that are not fully on board, their strong desire to achieve all they set out to do, often produces great results.

April born spirits can be bold and courageous and if their mission is set above earthly values, they will succeed in a faithful assignment in which they are spiritually designed to fulfill.

As exciting as finding their true passion can be, their downfall is under estimating circumstances, which could be costly. Self-doubt and arrogant thinking which in some cases could be caused by annoying situations, lead to irritating circumstances and if not careful, can result into mental and physical burnout.

When feeling overwhelmed April spirits will withdraw from the public-eye in search of inner peace.

The great strength of the April born spirit is their passion to complete a task with valor and purpose. And if this assignment reaches beyond the demands of this world they can expect a victorious outcome in this life.

The History of The April Birth Flower

The history surrounding the April birth flower known as the Daisy or Sweet pea surrounds the characteristics of loyalty, and devotion. Often known as the the archetypal species, daisy are the perfect introduction for Spring.

The April Birth Flower Is The Daisy

The April Birth Flower.
The April Birth Flower. | Source

Happy Birthday!

April 15, 1990 Emma Watson  Poster 24x36in cropped hair
April 15, 1990 Emma Watson Poster 24x36in cropped hair | Source

10 Questions for Emma Watson

Pharrell Williams April 15, 1973

Pharrell Williams 12X18 Singer, Rapper, Producer Poster (THICK)
Pharrell Williams 12X18 Singer, Rapper, Producer Poster (THICK) | Source


Kristen Stewart April 9, 1990

Poster | Source

Snow White and the Huntsman

Jackie Chan April 7 1954


Rush Hour 2 Fight Scene

Barbra Streisand April 24, 1942

Barbra Streisand at Health Matters Conference.jpg
Barbra Streisand at Health Matters Conference.jpg | Source

Barbra Streisand-On Music

Shemar Moore April 20, 1970

Shemar Moore 8x10 Photo Criminal Minds Charmed cap on
Shemar Moore 8x10 Photo Criminal Minds Charmed cap on

Shemar Moore on Ellen

Mandy Moore April 10, 1984

Bridgehampton polo match, 2007
Bridgehampton polo match, 2007 | Source

Mandy Moore-Have A Little Faith In Me

Eddie Murphy April 3, 1961

Promo Shrek (Eddie Murphy)
Promo Shrek (Eddie Murphy) | Source

Eddie Murphy On The Johnny Carson Show

Other Celebrities Born In April

George Lopez, April 18, 1993

Colin Powell, April 15, 1937

David Letterman, April 12, 1947

Jay Leno, April 28, 1950

Jessica Alba, April 28, 1981

Nathan Skyes, April 18, 1993

Kelly Clarkson, April 24, 1982

Kareem Abdul Jabbar, April 16,1947

More April Celebs Can Be Found at famous Birthdays.Com

Some Holidays That Are Celebrated in the Month Of April

  • April Fools' Day – April 1
  • Good Friday (Christians) – a Friday between March 20 and April 23, being the last Friday before Easter
  • Easter, or Resurrection Day (Christians) - celebrated the First Sunday after the first full moon on or after the Spring Equinox, near March 21st (between March 22 and April 25)

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