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Happy Birthday Grand-daughter

Updated on April 10, 2016

My Story

My youngest grand-daughter's birthday party was today. She is eleven years old. Where does the time go. I can still remember holding that little baby in my arms, rocking her to sleep. Singing to her Reba McIntyre's ."Baby's Lullaby" Now she's looking at boys, texting on cell phones, hanging out with her friends. Wow! Again, where does the time go. Today's birthday party is a slumber party where she gets to invite her friend and family over to spend a night with her. She is in heaven and being one of my closest grand children I am in heaven with her. Today she got the one thing that she has wanted, and I feel in today's society, you need one. YES! A cell phone. Now I don't know if i am happy or sad about that, because she can reach out and touch me at anytime. A good thing and a bad..

Today's birthday party is a slumber party with seven girls and three boys whom happen to little brothers of three of the little girls. The party starts at 2:pm Saturday and doesn't end until 1 pm Sunday. Slumber parties can be great fun and memorable experiences. They are also a lot of work and patience. The theme of this slumber party was called "MindCraft". All the children of today are into that mindcraft game on the computer, and all her little friends are into it as well

I chuckle a little when I think about mommy and daddy all night with ten children, this should be really interesting. I should have stayed and video tape the entire evening, however I didn't want the fun nor the headache. I would have taken the fun, it's the headache i didn't want. My grand-daughter texted me about two hours after I got home that they were watching 'Scary Movie V". I asked her if she was having fun, her text, "THE BEST BIRTHDAY EVER"

I LOVE YOU BABY, I'M GLAD YOU HAD A GREAT TIME. That is what birthday parties is suppose to be about. HAPPY BIRTHDAY1

Minecraft Party!

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Ninja Turtles PB&J Pops

Ninja Turtles PB&J Pops


1 box (7.92 oz) Betty Crocker Teenage Mutant Nija turtles cinnamon oat crisps

1/2 cup of peant butter

4 reaspoons strawberry or grape jam

Colored flat wooden sticks with round ends (orange, purple, red and blue)


1. Unwrap crisps. Spread bout 1 tablespoon peanut butter on bottom side of each of the 8 crisps. Spread about 1/2 teaspoon jam on bottom sides of each of 8 remaining crisps.

2. Make 8 sandwich pops by pressing a peanut butter-covered side together with a jam-covered side, with a stick in between. Freeze until set, 10 to 15 minutes

Party Ideals

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Birthday question

What is the best part about a birthday party

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Pin the tail on the donkey

Birthday party games

Playing traditional birthday party games can be fun for the adults and children alike. Getting the adults involve in the game gives them a chance to not only have fun with their children they also get to resort back to childhood memories. The children get to do what they enjoy anyway play with their parents. There are some great classic indoor games like, pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey, twister, hot-potato, the kind of games that never gets old. Playing those games brings fun, laughter and great memories.

Having a barbecue as a birthday party is also a great way to bring friends and family together and have a great time, sometime your neighbor will come over and join in on the fun. Playing games like three-legged-race, limbo, balloon toss, great way to celebrate a special day. We had a barbecue/slumber party combining more than one event making it extremely entertaining day. These kind of parties also save you some money for the most part.

Going to an establishment such as Chuck E. Cheese, McDonald's or Dave and Busters are great for two of the biggest reasons people don't like house parties are (1)) cleanup, the biggest reasons. (2) preparations and cooking. For me it takes away for the personal aspect of enjoying each other celebrating another year of life.

So to everyone who has birthday on April 8th, Happy birthday, hope you had a great party/day. Enjoy another year of life, it's precious you know.

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11 and 75
11 and 75
11 and 75 | Source

Party Place Poll

What of these three reasons are parties better in places like McDonald's

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Happy Birthday


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