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Happy Birthday, Vik!

Updated on November 14, 2016

Always in our hearts...

Four cousins; a two year old, three year old, four year old, and seven year old created a bond that they deemed impossible to break, back in 2000. These cousins were inseparable. Whenever they would see each other after a year, a spark would ignite and their poor parents would not be able to silence them for five minutes. Everyone told those cousins to enjoy each other while they had each other because one day they would grow up and forget how close they were.

Sixteen years later, and those four cousins have become siblings. Not like siblings- but siblings. But, what happens when one link in that strong bond breaks off? You know, the First Law of Thermodynamics states, “Energy is neither created or destroyed.” When a bond breaks, energy is released into the environment but where does it go?

The day you left us, Vik. That was the day when our chain unlinked. That was the day when our chain would never be able to relink, to reconnect, to be even remotely close to the same. Vik, you always knew you were my favorite. Our matching tattoos in Ulqin, our “I love you I miss you” songwriting (I still hate the name Silver Tigers for our band by the way..) and our constant attempts to buy matching bracelets, swear to wear them, and lose them a month later. I actually think my favorite promise of ours was when we tried to lose weight, and we swore to each other that we won’t eat pizza until the preceding summer where we will share a pie together. Two days later, a notification from viber displays a photo of you eating your pizza with the caption “Sorry Gabs!”

We are all hurting. Your best friends, your family, your schoolmates. Being without you is something I never imagined I would have to deal with and I took your presence for granted. We had so many things to talk about, so many plans… but I never thought you would leave us so soon. Brooklyn will always be our place (as will Columbia) and your beautiful drawings will always hang in my room. Oreos will always be our food and chocolate milk will always be our drink. Guns N Roses will always be our band and Vans will always be our shoes. Vicky will always be the name you yell at me for calling you and “Gabo!” will be the name I remember cringing at the sound of but would die to hear again. Garden State Plaza will always be our favorite “go to” and your Facebook password will always be my holy grail (oops.)

Two months later, and my voice still trembles when I pronounce your name. I stare at the many photos of us I have in my room, wondering how I could have taken all those moments for granted? How could I be so blind to the fact that this amazing person who I got to spend my whole childhood with would one day not be with me anymore? My BCF, I will never dare to forget our 8 Mile and A Bronx Tale obsessions and the constant Eminem playlists we would jam to all the time.

Vik, I hope you will celebrate this birthday, like you told me you would up there. Celebrate with Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, and JFK. To me, you were more of a legend than all of them combined. Your energy will never be lost, it is transferred to all the people who love you. We feel it in the air, in the songs we listen to, and when we are all together. We love you, we miss you, and we definitely cannot wait to see you. Happy 20th.


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