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Happy Halloween Party

Updated on October 16, 2012
Homemade costumes
Homemade costumes | Source
Party table decorations
Party table decorations | Source
Outdoor Halloween decorations
Outdoor Halloween decorations | Source
Carve your own pumpkin
Carve your own pumpkin | Source
Indoor Halloween decorations
Indoor Halloween decorations | Source
Pumpkin table decorations
Pumpkin table decorations | Source
Halloween party foods
Halloween party foods | Source
Party Halloween appertizers
Party Halloween appertizers | Source
Hot dog mummies
Hot dog mummies | Source
Pizza mummies
Pizza mummies | Source
Party favor table decor
Party favor table decor | Source
Party favors for everyone
Party favors for everyone | Source

Make October 31 a spook-tacular day!

Are you planning a Halloween Party celebration this year?

If so, a Halloween party can bring back great memories of when we were children and all we could think about was Halloween. Halloween meant choosing a costume, perhaps making one ourselves and being able to dress up in that favorite character that we loved that particular year, then we’d go trick-or-treating and get lots of candy from our neighbors.

Fast forward and times have changed. Many parents have opted for Halloween parties instead of going out on the street and trick-or-treating. Children still get to wear their favorite costumes while mom and dad know where they are, who they are with and that they are safe.

Here are some suggestions for planning a great Halloween bash. Bring out the goblins, ghosts, costumes, and jack-o’-lanterns. Decorate your home into an authentic Haunted House and give your guests a scary good time.



• Stuff unused costumes or old clothing and place them on a chair on your front terrace or lawn to make it look as if someone is sitting waiting for trick-or-treaters.

• Rig a ghost on a pulley. Tie a wire from a tree to the house. As guests arrive move the pulley to scare your guests. (Choose beforehand which guests would find this fun and which ones would not enjoy this prank).

• Use a variety of small and large pumpkins, jack-o’-lanterns, or tombstones and place them around the outside of your home.

• Create a cemetery scene, spooky shadows, or a coffin. Some can be purchased at your nearby party store that include sound effects.

• Buy gauze and dye it with red and black food coloring. Let dry and place around chairs, hang from walls, or place on pictures. You can also use streamers.

• Use lots of candles and lanterns to decorate your home. (Place candles in a safe area to avoid any hazards and keep away from children.) You may substitute small electrical bulbs or Christmas lights with bulbs in the color white, orange, brown and black.

• Buy different sized round craft paper balls or ping-pong balls and make eyeballs with red puff paint and black dots. Hang from ceiling on a string.

• Hang up spider webs and spiders brought from a novelty or party supply store.

• Witches hats, brooms, bats, ghosts, scary bugs and spiders always work well as decorations.

• Use black, orange or silver balloons and tie them to your mailbox or on the back of chairs.

• Decorate the table with jack-o-lanterns and real oranges spiked with cloves.

• Place rubber mice and frogs next to chairs, on a party table, or inside a punch bowl.

• Tie a bundle of cornstalks together and use as a center piece, surround them with small pumpkins or squash.

• Use colored string, thread or yarn to create webs in windows, ceiling corners or doorways.


If you are offering party bags for your invited guests, here are some suggestions of what you can put in the party bags:
• Vampire teeth.
• Jack-o’-lanterns filled with candy.
• Halloween pencils, notepads or stationary.
• Ghost lollipops or any type of Halloween candy.


• Web un-wind: Tangle up different colored yarn, up to 60 feet. Tie a prize to the end of each yarn. Give each guest a colored yarn. The first one to untangle their yarn is the winner. To add excitement, tangle up the yarn with the guests, have them untangle themselves.

• Put all the prizes into a monster’s lair. Use the back of several chairs and cover with a dark sheet. Have the guests crawl through it.

• Walk the plank in the dark with mini flashlights. Place bubble wrap under the plank for an added sound effect.

• Mummy Wrap: Divide guests into groups of three. Give each group a roll of toilet paper. Two people from each group wrap the third person with the paper. When finished, each mummy gets inspected, takes a picture and then gets unwrapped. The group who finishes first is the winner.

• Give awards for the ugliest, scariest, craziest, cutest, most horrible, most original, etc. costume.

• Have a pumpkin carving contest. Divide guests into groups. Have them carve a pumpkin. The group with the funniest, scariest, or silliest face is the winner. They can take it home as a prize.

• If the party is for adults, have a scary movie marathon. Rent horror movies at your local video store.


• Open Ghost sandwiches: Spread slices of bread with cream cheese. Cut out ghost shapes, place raisins as eyes.

• Crunchy Bone Sandwiches: Use crunchy style peanut butter. Remove crusts from slices of white bread, roll flat with rolling pin. Spread crunchy style peanut butter. Roll up tightly, and then cut each roll in half.

• Dead man’s fingers: make cheese grilled sandwiches and cut into fingers. Decorate tips with tomatoes.

• Hot dog mummies: Wrap hot dogs in pre-packaged crescent rolls. Decorate with small black olive pieces for eyes.

• Mummy pizza: Use bagel halves or English muffins, pizza sauce and mozzarella cheese. Decorate eyes with black olives.

• Witches broomsticks made from frozen packaged puff pastry rolled out and cut into strips with feathered ends.

• Spider web cakes: Make individual cupcakes. Cover with white glaze, allow to set, then pipe on spider’s webs with black decorating gel.

• Devil’s Tails: Cut a thick carrot lengthways into six strips about four-inches long. Trim into the shape of devils tails.

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