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Happy Mother's Day to Katherine Jackson 2016

Updated on September 29, 2016

Foxy from Youth


Mother Katherine

May 2016

Happy Kat’s Mother’s Day!

You deserve the blessings of life,

You've earned it God’s way,

Being America’s Mother and wife,

You’ve helped to raise nine children

That gave us the world of music,

Welcome in Mother’s Hall of Fame

My heart is yours too, so use it,

I still have hopes to meeting you,

Can you fit some love in jugs?

What a beautiful mother that you have been,

I’d love to give you some hugs,

There’s nothing to ever be sad for,

You’ve given all that you’ve had,

But God still wants to give you more,

Then in a blessed way, say, I’m Bad!

From a son...


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Precious Mother

A mother is precious, she was a gift before you, she was the strength that carried you, she is the love that cannot be replaced.


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