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Happy New Year: 5 Persons Should be Saved In This Year (Video)

Updated on January 1, 2018

This year for you is a journey, you can leave what you do not like and go to specific friends you choose.

Friendship is one of the special relations in our society, because it helps to crystallize the character of the human being for the better, especially with the availability of good morals, and it is based on mutual interest and sincere love that appear through concern for everything that is in the interest of the friend, This relationship is continuous and lasting, although the concerns of life abound.

There are many different types of people in your life: coworkers, neighbors, acquaintances, loved ones and there are also your friends. But how do you know who the true friend is? Who will see your side in good times and bad, in times of joy and joy, when you succeed or failure !, It may be difficult to know is the true friend

The true friend: How do you know your true friend and what are the qualities of the true friend ?

Many say that friendship is one mind in two different bodies, an additional life you live with your life, another age, and additional experiences, a great many positive emotions, which fill the heart and happiness.

if you want to continue with friends should be special people have distinctive skills which we will learn in this article

Supporting Friend

The true friend is the one who stands beside you, whether in the time of joy, or time of distress, and not only the honorable representation, but takes clear and practical steps to save you from distress.

His positive energy helps us to see the good side of things, and his enthusiasm gives us the desire to start and start again, in the times of failure, in periods of lack of confidence in ourselves, because of his delightful ability, and his ability to find creative solutions.

The idea friend say that "everything will change over time", because his optimism is realistic and "personalized".

The friend is always with you even after death remember all your days together, we have heard a lot about the friends who died after the separation of their friends, some of them died grief to the death of his friend, the friend of the difference if you leave your soul with him or part of your mind, With him.

Faithful friend

Lying is the head of everything wrong, and if adopted as a way to deal between the two friends, will not continue their friendship, and will break the relationship between them soon.

If you find your friend honest with you, and be careful about the openness, rest assured, this is a man who appreciates you, and intends to remain loyal to the last age.

It is the attribute of sincerity that makes this friendship lasting, lasting and strong so you must put it in the priorities of your friend's choice. A sincere friend lasts his friendship throughout life, where he can get used to this friend in all things

We always fall into false friendships that make us another human being worse, but it is not permissible. You learn from your experiences and you will find the one who compensates you and you will find him better than the other. Man always misses his choice but he knows the right after the experience. Relatives to our hearts.

Listener Friend

We often need to speak, even if we do not have solutions to what we are going through. Your friend who listens to you will leave his busy work, give you time to talk to him inside you and support you, help you empty your negative baggage, and will not be preoccupied with a pretext or excuse.

You may be surrounded by a large number of friends but in the time of grandfather you will find only a few of them, not more than one friend, so do not be sad, you are lucky to get this friend ( Listener Friend)

This character, which is related to listening, is not owned by any person. Listening is a characteristic of a successful person. He is the person who can attract conversation and benefit from it as much as possible. This property should be used for the benefit of his friend. If he wants to be a true friend, If you find yourself closed and unresponsive to him, you will feel alone. This trait may lead him to be prone to many social ailments.

Wise friend

When we are inside the problem, we may not be able to see all aspects, and this is the time when we need a wise friend to remind us of what is hidden from us, and advise us to what we did not pay attention.

A friend who has experience in many things, and his presence in your life makes you feel safe. In any problem you will find someone who provides you with a helping hand with advice, find him interested in your attention and face your grief and help you to be good and sometimes draws you to be better.

Of course, the types of help and help vary. Psychological assistance and moral support may be as important as financial support. If your friend is experiencing a period of imbalance for any reason, such as losing his job or leaving someone close to him in life, You go to give him all kinds of psychological help, and always exist with him to raise morale, and this is one of the most important characteristic of the true friend of others, which may seem always busy in any case you ask him.

A friend has the same interests

Having things that bring you together, cultural, athletic or social, brings you closer to your points of view, connects you with more than one link, helps you spend an enjoyable and useful time, and can be a way of conveying knowledge and information between you.

Even if there is no such common interest at the beginning of the relationship, reaching it, and developing it.

Common interests reflect a harmony in thinking and a lot of justification for spending time together. Common interests make us approach our friends and seek to spend more time with them because we find ourselves with them. But when there are no common interests, the time we spend with them decreases and the conversations we share Become less.

Some people sometimes experience common circumstances, such as being in a place of residence, a group of people who spend time together in escaping boredom, or the unannounced periodic meeting between women bringing their children to play in one place, having children in one school, or having children , Some imagine that the fathers of these children he meets on occasions their children have necessarily become friends, because of the exchange of conversations or meet them on various occasions

True friends want their friends a real happiness and a genuine feeling of satisfaction. They give us honest advice, even if sometimes hard, because they help us to see ourselves and our mistakes when we can not, because they do not want us to drown in these mistakes. They know they may lose their friendship with us. , But our happiness for them is more important than our friendship, so they tell the truth.

Friends are not only present in times of distress, but friends are supposed to be present at all times in distress and prosperity, so you have to share your friend these happy times, which require attending by them such as marriage, for example, or his birthday party, or congratulations holidays, and this is not limited But to include events that concern his family.

What's a Real Friend?

Do you have a friend who has these qualities?

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© 2018 Marina Ezzat


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      jhanvi sharma 

      12 months ago from India

      Nice Article


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