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Happy New Year 2012 - A year of change.

Updated on January 6, 2012

The Mystic Rose

Channelling from the Angels

Each and every one of you plays a part in this coming year. Do not think that you are insignificant or it is nothing to do with you. You have chosen to be here at this exciting and very revealing time on planet earth when the facades or masks of illusion are dropped away to expose the truth. The truth that resonates with the light of the soul. There will be no explanations, or hesitations in the months to come because the time of explanations has long since past. When you are resonating at your highest frequency in alignment with your truth and original blue print, there is no need for explanations. You drop your mask. As more and more masks are dropped there is little choice, for the few who hold on to them so tightly but to respond appropriately!

We walked with you while you were alone and gave each one of you a beacon of light in which to see. Seeing and hearing was an important truth and one which you as humans needed to explore in the world of "evidence." We implore you now to trust with your hearts. For it is only through and with your hearts that you will be able to resonate with the new frequencies which are already part of Mother Earth. Do not think that they are not here already. It is a matter of attuning to the new vibration. The colours are bolder and stronger the path is more defined. The edges are crisper and the foundations are stronger. We have watched many stumble and throw themselves up against walls again and again not realising that every single thread of new manifestation was already resonating strongly within their being. It is through the eyes of truth and integrity that you will find what commonly exists as "love". By this we do not refer to romantic love but love of yourself and your brothers and sisters, humanity as a whole. We do not wish to sound like a worn out record instructing you in ways that you already know but we do insist that you cast off anything now that no longer serves your higher purpose. Do not wain over trivialities because they play no part in the new order of things, the Divine Order which is part of the cosmic plan. You may be shocked and surprised by many souls attitudes to what lies ahead, as metophorically speaking, heads will role. We do not punish but certainly we take account. We see the illusions as dark shadows to which we are called to intervene and disburse. If is you that call us. We do not work unaided. We work through will and desire. We see the final drawing back of the curtain and we applaud you, for many of you are working with us and understanding our true and higher nature. We are not a separate entity. We are you higher nature. We exist within the wings of all of you! We are the smouldering fire that wakes you. We are the embers and the cry of the pheonix rising. Be aware of us as your guidance. We work through you if you allow us to intervene.

There is much talk about 2012 and the end of the Mayan Calender which brings doubt and fear into the hearts of many. Ends are only beginnings there is no separation. Separation exists in the world of illusion through fear and doubt. Much fear and doubt has been created in order for you to feel that you are lost from your divine nature. We are here to reassure you that that can never be because we exist in the soul of humanity.

All you need in order to realign is stillness. Everything that is outside of you has little bearing on who you are. You are not the person on your birth certificate. You are not "the person". You are an extremely intelligent life form which is on the edge of discovering the true depth of your nature free from illusion and distortion. You hold within you the key to this revelation. You exist in order that we can bring the unified consciousness within the realms of your possibility. We are your guardians.


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    • profile image

      daibcb 5 years ago

      fab drawing

    • mrslagibb profile image

      Mrs L A Gibb 6 years ago

      Thank you for comment, I left one for you on my hubpage. As I have mentioned poetry has not really been my forte. Maybe, at last its decided to come out.

      Happy New Year again

    • Jennifer Lynch profile image

      Jennifer Lynch 6 years ago from Stowmarket, Suffolk.

      Hello mrslagibb yes I will read it and give feedback thank you! Happy New Year to you also. Jennifer

    • mrslagibb profile image

      Mrs L A Gibb 6 years ago

      I quite agree there should be change. Each one of us needs to take a deep look at ourselves in order to make the change. I think its down to people in what they believe. Each and everyone of us has some good in us somewhere. Its just reaching out and touching that person.

      Perhaps you would like to read 2012 A new years resolution.

      Happy New Year.


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