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Happy Thanksgiving for All Our Blessings

Updated on November 24, 2011

Thankful for family vacation this past year

Counting Our Blessings Today

OK, here I sit thinking about this past year and the reasons to be most thankful this Thanksgiving day in 2011. Later today I will go to mom and dads house, I am thankful that they are still alive and doing well in their seventies and both seem happy and healthy. Once there, the house will fill up with family and friends that we don't see nearly often enough. The house will fill up with the smells of Thanksgiving meals, turkey, ham and sweet potato pie, will fill the air. Tables will be set in different areas of the house, the main table for the adults or old people as the kids call us, smaller tables spread around for the kids. We will all form a line in the kitchen, fill our plates and find a place to sit. Then several of us, will make another trip to the kitchen to have another plate, more giblet gravy, stuffing or turkey, or to get a refil on the sweet iced tea and more sweet potato pie for a so called "desert."

We will count our blessings, for the food we will eat, the joy of having family together again and for another day in general to enjoy each others company. I will give thanks to God for allowing me to eat, I was told early this year, I may not be able to taste anything for up to a year after surgery and radiation treatments. My tastebuds are just about back to full strength, but my salavia glands are only about 25%, hey but thats better than the zero I had just three months ago, I am thankful on Thanksgiving day.

For me, the blessings are even more special. With this years path health problems, facing throat cancer back in March of this year, I thank God every day for another day with my family. I gave quite a scare to all my family and friends; surgery, radiation and chemo and a great deal of prayers got me to today. I am feeling better almost on a daily basis, not back to normal by any means, but God has blessed me with getting better. I am truely thankful for the ablilty to be with my family and friends on this Thanksgiving Day. I am thankful that I got to go a short vacation with my family this past August while still in the early stages of recovery.

Later today, after all of us get up from the table, the men will watch the football games, Detroit vs Greenbay then later Dallas vs Miami, while we talk about what whoever brings up at the time. We would all have watched, at least a little of the Macy's Thanksgiving day parade, and we talk about the floats and the costumes. The men folk will gather in one room, the women in another. This is tradition. The women will clean the kitchen while they talk about the latest news,gossip or anything else that women talk about.

I am thankful on Thanksgiving day. Thankful that I am able to write this article, that people will read it and that I have seen another day. Tomorrow I will be thankful again, to see the dawn of a new day, to have another day with my wife, son and my famiy and friends. After this past year, I feel I am truely blessed by God and the prayers from everyone who helped me thru my battle with cancer.

From me and my family, we wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving day and blessed days everyday through out this holiday season.


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