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Unhappy Veterans' ? Too many veterans are homeless & lost - how to fix it so they can be happy again.

Updated on November 23, 2016

American Brothers in Arms

Brother in arms - U.S. Army
Brother in arms - U.S. Army | Source

Veteran - Soldier in reflection

Soldier in reflection
Soldier in reflection | Source

Help Make Veterans' Happy Again

We just celebrated Veterans' Day formerly called Armistice Day in which we honor all veterans of all US wars - as we ought! Unfortunately, it is not a very happy day for many returning vets, especially those who can no longer serve as a soldier because of injuries or disabilities.

According to VIDOL (Veterans in Defense of Liberty) young veterans from the Iraq or Afghanistan are more than twice likely to be homeless as an American in the same age group who never served in the military. They make up 10% of America's homeless (that equates to 56,471 according to the 2015 data) and 22 veterans commit suicide each day (some say that is a conservative estimate) because they are disabled & unable to find civilian jobs as they are waiting for their VA disability payments. Their American government has failed to provide adequate care for the wounded, sick and disabled veterans with more than 300,000 having died while waiting for medical care at VA hospitals nationwide (from their October 2016 newsletter).

If you are outraged and cannot sit idly by while our government stalls & breaks promises to care for all our military who have served our country please call your Congress member to pass Bill H.R. 763 . The U.S. Capital Switchboard number is: (202) 224 3121 and don't forget to sign the card that let's them know that you honor them today and everyday!

Patriotic Song: God bless America (instrumental)

Honoring Decorated Veterans still with us

Honoring Grandpa
Honoring Grandpa | Source

In Honor of Veterans' Today and Every Day

Since her founding America has a formidable military presence, but from the onset military soldiers were citizen soldiers who fought to preserve her freedoms and those of her allies. It is because of those wars that we waged that we honor our military veterans. Each veteran has and had their reasons for becoming part of the time-honored tradition to serve their country for a time or their whole lives. Many veterans (and their families) have sacrificed life, health and limbs in service to their country and to uphold our freedoms. It is more than fitting and the right thing to do to honor our veterans. When soldiers can no longer honorably serve their country in active military capacity then they would like to serve their country in other ways but right now their government is dishonoring them by withholding their earned healthcare & rehabilitation back to civilian duty. Our military mantra: "Death before Dishonor" is somehow being wilfully propagated on our disabled or paralyzed non-combatants because of unjustified & shamefully long wait-lists for their care & their families' provision. Especially men are prone to this mindset because it's in their DNA since childhood - their hope to continue to be valued & wanted after their service ends, is delayed, deferred and ultimately destroyed - resulting in violence to themselves or others. As their community members we need to help them change their thinking every single day until they have hope again and they feel valued, wanted and capable of making an impact as citizen soldiers further down the line.

Please fly your American flag proudly and thank a veteran today! For veterans' everywhere here are some other ways Americans are showing their honor, respect and gratitude:

Need help getting back on your feet? Take the first step & check out some non-governmental shelters & housing charities in your area:

Veterans who are disabled or paralyzed are especially worthy of our help and support: Paralized Veterans of America & Disabled Veterans of America & Wounded Warrior Project & Wounded Warrior Project and Soldier's Wish. This is certainly not an exhaustive list please check your local community social services & charities. Don't forget that you can always be the one to Pay It Forward for a Veteran in your community so he/she can maybe do it the next time for someone else.

In 2014/2015 it was estimated that 1.5 million men and women will transition out of the armed forces over the next five years. Check out:

Looking for work? This is a very good job hunting reference which gets updated every year - it is considered the Best-selling job-hunting book in the world or visit:

I haven't read this book yet but looks interesting maybe you can read it & tell me if it works? Vets for Vets - Harnessing the Power to Heal

Honoring those who gave all

Honoring those who gave all
Honoring those who gave all | Source


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    • Johanna Boomsma profile imageAUTHOR

      Johanna Boomsma 

      23 months ago from Florida

      Thank you Lions44!

    • lions44 profile image

      CJ Kelly 

      23 months ago from Auburn, WA

      Great message. Good job. I'll share here on HP and post on all my social media platforms.


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