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Happy 80th Birthday Reverend Desmond Tutu!

Updated on January 31, 2012

As it normally happens with awesome people, he gave first

I live in Puerto Rico. I can't recall how many times Rev. Desmond Tutu visited our island. I thought that he visited it first in 1990 or so... In any event, I am most grateful he did and I had the chance to interact with him then.

Some time ago, still grateful for what he did for me, I wrote a letter in a notebook. I've put that notebook away. I've been for that notebook for two days now. More than likely I'll find it when I'm done with this hub, as it normally happens.

Writing is not as difficult as rewriting, but Rev. Tutu's birthday is today, October 7. Today he's 80 years old so, never mind the notebook, I cannot let this moment pass without conveying the reverend my most sincere gratitude and appreciation.

On his birthday is all about me... not

Of course, on his birthday, it cannot be all about what he did for me. The 1984 Nobel Prize winner have done many... did I say many? many things for the good of mankind.

Right up there with Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King, Mahatma Gandhi, Eugenio Maria de Hostos, Mother Theresa, Dalai Lama... true heroes.

There are reports today that Reverend Desmond Tutu is not going to be able to celebrate his birthday with the Dalai Lama like he wanted. They state that the Reverend is furious and sad, but not surprised.

I could not picture him mad

The only expression I have in my mind of reverend Tutu is a happy face with a big smile. One tends to forget that everybody, even people like the Archbishop have their share of setbacks.

I just never ever forget when he came to Puerto Rico to bless my son. Ok... so that is not the reason he came to Puerto Rico. For me it was... is... please bear with me.

Sadly I can't remember the day, but I was like four months pregnant. It was a sunny beautiful day in Puerto Rico. The building was crowded awaiting for the path of Rev. Desmond Tutu.

I was a Christian then, a very faithful one. My mission was that of touching his robe, so my son would be blessed. I do not care how corny this sounds still today. This was a marvelous day.

People don't notice my belly, so I have to shove and push politely to squeeze in to ensure I'm there as he passes by.

The Reverend is saluting so cheerfully, he never seem to be bothered by the crowd, what a guy! Of course, he was surrounded by professional bodyguards.

As he passes by me, I reached for his hands. I dared touched the Reverend, as I beg him: "Please bless my child! Please, Reverend, bless my child!" The guards were about to take this crazy girls hands off the Reverend. But the Reverend stopped them.

He went right ahead, so happily! "But, of course! God bless your child and God bless your soul!"

I remained on air. His blessing literally (ok, not literally, please do not ruin this party) lifted me off the ground. I did not feel the crowd pushing and shoving me no more. The Reverend was long gone, but I still see him standing right there. That moment, still today, remains in me. And that blessing is one of three my son had before he was born. But that blessing sufficed.

Happy 80th Birthday, Reverend, and thank you

So this is a much obliged hub. I believe this message will somehow get to him. Just as I believe his blessing was indeed real. I thank you very much, Reverend. Sorry that you had to deal with these kind of stubborn governments and all sorts of men especially on your birthday, but I want you to know that you really touched the heart of a mom and her son in one of your blessed visits to a Caribbean island.

Stay blessed. Happy Birthday.


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