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Great Harry Potter Halloween Costumes

Updated on October 1, 2014

Harry Potter Halloween Costumes

For the last decade or so the Harry Potter books and films have entertained adults and kids alike and so it is no wonder that the Harry Potter costume comes out very near the top of the list of best Halloween costumes, particularly because Halloween is the perfect time to dress up as a witch or a wizard!

Even though there are no more Harry Potter films being released, there will always be a following for the films and the characters and hence good choice on the costumes and accessories that you can buy.

So if you are looking for a Halloween Costume and wondering what to choose then a Harry Potter Halloween costume is suitable for adults and kids and is quite an easy costume to create. Whether you make some of the costume yourself, which could be relatively easy with some black material and a sewing machine to make a great cloak, and then pick up some Harry Potter glasses, or if you just go the quick and easy route and buy the whole costume, you will have no trouble in looking the part in this character's clothing.

Harry Potter Accessories

There is quite a lot of choice in terms of Harry Potter accessories as you can buy anything from a wand, to the sorting hat and capes etc as well as specific Harry Potter make up sets and school ties. So you could pick and choose a few accessories to go with maybe your own custom school uniform.

So you could make up a pretty cheap Halloween costume with some Harry Potter accessories. If you want to be Harry himself then you will need the glasses as an essential part of the kit. In fact you could probably get away with just the glasses and by using an eyliner pencil to draw on the trademark scar and then making up the rest of the costume yourself with maybe an old school tie and a pair of black trousers, together with a grey V necked jumper.

Or you could buy yourself a cloak or a full Harry Potter outfit if you don't have any suitable clothing in your wardrobe.

Harry Potter Costumes

Child Harry Potter Deluxe Costume Medium
Child Harry Potter Deluxe Costume Medium

This is the Harry Potter Deluxe Child costume robe - featuring a black robe with attached hood and Gryffindor logo plus burgundy accents. This child's robe is available in different sizes.


Cheap Tricks

So if you don't want to pay anything for your costume or only have a few dollars or pounds to spare then you can make up a few things yourself. To make your own wand then of course all you need is a nice twig from the garden and maybe paint it black if you have some spare black paint lying around.

You may be able to get a pair of glasses from a charity shop or else just make a pair out of cardboard and paint the frames black. Plus the trick as above in painting the scar on your forehead with a black eyeliner pencil. Then you are pretty much done with your old school tie and some old clothes that you could also maybe pick up from a charity or thrift store.

Harry Potter Costumes are also available on eBay so that you can either bid on an auction item or pay a Buy it Now price. Not only are there brand new Harry Potter Costumes for sale but you can also possibly pick up a bargain by getting a second hand costume. Check out some that are available below.

UK Harry Potter Costumes

Of course you can also get plenty of Harry Potter Costumes in the UK. Once again you can choose just to buy the cloak, the glasses, a Gryffindor tie or a wand or you can get and all in Harry Potter kit (shown right) which includes all of these things plus a clasp to hold the cloak together.

The Harry Potter kit is fully licenced and one size fits children aged approximately 8-10 years. Other sizes are also available in the Harry Potter costumes. Check out the Harry Potter Kit.


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    • Azure11 profile image

      Marian L 6 years ago from UK

      Oh really dd, that is a surprise! I have to say I loved both - I guess the movies are more of an interpretation of the books and they do miss put a few bits so in that way the books are kind of more engrossing, but if you haven't read the books then I think the movies are worth seeing for sure :-)

    • diydiva profile image

      Kay Mitchell 6 years ago from California

      I love the books, wasn't too happy with any of the movies what about you?