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Harry Potter Robes--Great For Your Halloween Costume

Updated on October 4, 2010

Harry Potter Robes Halloween Costumes

Harry Potter Robe 1
Harry Potter Robe 1
Harry Potter Robes 2
Harry Potter Robes 2
Harry Potter Robes 3
Harry Potter Robes 3
Harry Potter robes 5
Harry Potter robes 5
Harry Potter Robes 6
Harry Potter Robes 6

Harry Potter Robes Halloween Costume

Harry Potter robes are necessary in order to become a member of Gryffindor House, at Harry Potters Hogwarts School of Witchcraft And Wizardry.  The garment is a black full length robe which has a deep red lining and attached hood. The crest of Gryffindor house is worn on the front part of the robe and this is a gold colored lion rampant over a red background. This is the heraldic and traditional symbol for bravery, chivalry, courage and daring. These are the mottoes for members of Gryffindor house.

The several other houses of Hogwarts School each have their different colored robes. The robe you would prefer to wear for Halloween can be chosen from the many robes which are available online. Harry Potter Robes look great and are a very popular costume for Halloween. These garments are  also really nice and warm for a cold October evening at Halloween.

Quidditch is a team game played by teams of wizards who come from around the globe. The Quidditch robe which is worn by these teams is long, ankle length, and in crimson red color with a yellow liner. Quidditch is a fictional team sport which was invented by writer J.K.Rowling. This is a very fast game which is played by two teams each consisting of seven wizards riding on their magic flying broomsticks. The play consists of throwing a quaffle--a kind of ball, through three hoops in succession, and meanwhile trying to catch the Golden snitch. The team which captures the golden snitch wins 150 points. The game carries on till the golden snitch has been caught and may very well last for days or even for several weeks.

When you are dressing as a Hogwarts school teacher or professor, the correct robe is a necessity. Professor Dumbledore, wears a long robe of any color. However,his robe usually has beautiful designs  of knitting with some fancy stones incorporated in the robe. For all the other Hogwarts school teachers, namely McGonagall, Severus or Trelawney,you can wear a long plain flowing black robe and this works just fine.

To be a true wizard, accessories will help. For example  a magic wand in your hand. Another thing is the broomsticks that the Hogwarts students use for the Quidditch tournaments. If you  decide to be Harry Potter himself, a pair of round glasses is a necessity as well as the z shaped scar on his face. Girls can spice up the appearance of the costume by wearing a bit of dark eye makeup.

The phenomenal Harry Potter story is a great writing feat in this century. It has literally millions of people both adults and children totally fascinated by the world which the author J.K.Rowling has brought to life so very vividly. The Harry Potter movies are an amazingly huge success and bring to life for the many Harry Potter fans the stories and characters in the books. When you get a Harry Potter robe to wear for Halloween or for another fancy dress event at any time of year you will be  recognised instantly  by the large numbers of Harry Potter fans anywhere you go.

Harry Potter robes based on the different houses in the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft are just perfect as your Halloween outfit. Harry Potter and all the other pupils at the Hogwarts school wore these robes as a uniform  to denote which school "house" they were assigned to. These robes are quite distinctive and very well known to Harry Potter fans. They are also nicely warm and very comfortable for a cold Halloween evening. Get yours robes as early as possible before they sell out.

You can see pictures of Harry Potter robes with sources to buy them at our website Harry Potter robes and you can read lots of articles on halloween costumes and other subjects at articles.


Harry Potter Robes

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