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Creepy Halloween Haunted House Ideas

Updated on September 27, 2012

Thinking about making a haunted house this year?

Well here are some great haunted house ideas to get you motivated to make the best house of horror of all time.

I will go over what I believe to be some key elements for a successful and scary haunted house

Let's look at some different haunted house ideas

This is probably the #1 element in a haunted house. If a room has an atmosphere of fear then you already won half the battle. A dark room is already intimidated when you don't know what exactly to anticipate for. However, the right lighting will take this concept to the next level.

Skulls and Skeletons

Skeletons can be scary, funny, cute, depending on the particular scene. A good haunted house must have bones for it to be official.

Witches stirring pots of human stew always will bring a sinister twist to any scene. Inside or outside would be a nice placement for such a Halloween decoration.

No haunted house should be without Jack-o-lanterns and tombstones. These are things that make that haunted graveyard scene its gloominess. A graveyard without tombstones just isn't a cemetary.

Spiders, birds, bugs, snakes are all things that lots of people are extremely frightened of. These are such good haunted hous ideas for you to add these randomly around the room so the guests wont have anywhere to go to get away from the terror.

Halloween Sound effects and music will add an eerie creepiness and make your haunted house be alive with fear.

If you have any haunted house ideas please put them in the comments below.


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