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Haunted Universities and Colleges

Updated on September 18, 2011

Five Scary Universities

Hogwarts isn’t the only school to boast of ghosts roaming the corridors. Several real universities around the world have been known to hold a few of their own. From sightings to unknown music playing, to pranks played on the staff and students, here is a list of haunted places of higher education.


It would be surprising if Oxford University, in the United Kingdom, didn’t have claims of ghosts and paranormal activity, as the second oldest working university in the world, Oxford has seen many deaths. Many people claim to have seen ghosts wandering around the streets of the university and one of the most well-known areas is at the library of St. John’s College. It is said that the beheaded ghost of Archbishop William Laud likes to kick his head at people! In 1645, Archbishop William Laud was beheaded after impeachment and now seems to like disturbing students and staff with his late night antics.

California State University, Channel Islands

Formerly the site of Camarillo State Mental Hospital, the Cal State campus is said to be rife with the ghosts of inmates. Many of the wards have been transformed into dorm rooms. People have travelled there to see if they could spot any ghosts, and many believed that there is a “feeling” about the place. Students have reported seeing ghosts of patients wandering the halls and entering bedrooms, when they looked in, the bedrooms were empty. There were also reports of object being thrown about by an unseen assailant.

University of Georgia

One of the university’s oldest sororities, Alpha Gamma Delta at the University of Georgia in Athens, has a ghost from a tragic love affair. The ghost’s name is Susie Carithers and can often be seen from the attic of the sorority house. The story goes that Susie was engaged to wed a man, however, on the day of her wedding, believing herself to be jilted, went and hung herself in the attic. There’s more to the story and the ghost in the video link below. 

University of Georgia Ghost Story

Cambridge University

The oldest college at Cambridge University, in the United Kingdom, is Peterhouse. There is purportedly a ghost of a bursar who, in the 18th century, hung himself because he placed the blame on the controversial election of that time’s Master of Peterhouse, on himself. The staff and students have reported seeing an apparition appearing and disappearing at the spot where the bursar’s body was found. At the time of the sightings, talk of an exorcism was discussed. I’m not sure what the outcome was.

Ohio University

Famous for being one of the most haunted places in the world, Ohio University is littered with ghosts! The university once was the Athens Lunatic Asylum, there are reports of activity in the cemetery, and ghosts seen in sorority houses as well. But it’s one room out of all the haunted spots in the university that stands out. Wilson Hall’s room 428 is believed to be haunted by a ghost of a woman who committed suicide and is said to have had been practicing satanic rituals. There are other strange stories about room 428 as well as Wilson Hall. 


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    • That Grrl profile image

      Laura Brown 5 years ago from Barrie, Ontario, Canada

      This was a post that could really have used more photos.

    • cjcarter profile image

      cjcarter 6 years ago

      I love hearing about haunted places, cool topic.

    • Drjacki profile image

      Drjacki 6 years ago from North Carolina

      I am always looking for good ghost stories and "haunted" places to visit. Thanks for this hub!