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Have a Green Halloween: Alternatives to Candy for Trick or Treat

Updated on August 9, 2011

Be Environment and Health Conscious

Instead of purchasing bags of sugar-loaded candy that will most likely sit around someone's home for the next few months, why not do something different for the trick or treaters in your life? There are other alternatives that are healthier for kids and won't add to our landfills in the form of millions of candy wrappers or plastic toys.

Useful Items

If you want to give out a treat that can be used, think of things like pencils or bookmarks. Brightly colored shoe laces are fun and unique. Coloring books and activity books are great learning tools that are fun for kids. Miniature books are also a good idea to get the kids into reading.

Look for items that are made of recycled materials and come with very little packaging.

Fun Items

Barrettes, charms and yarn bracelets are popular for girls. Small boxes of crayons are non-toxic and make fun treats. Small wood toys, temporary tatoos, and stickers can be fun for younger kids. Coins are always a hit, even if it's just a penny or nickel.

Food Items

If you prefer to give out food items but are looking for a healthy alternative to Halloween candy, there are many cheap options. Small boxes of raisins, dried fruit or veggie chips are healthy choices that are hits with kids. Granola bars or juice boxes are also popular, as well as popcorn.

Other Ways to Be Green

Use recycled bags for your little trick or treaters. Walk to the houses you will be visiting if you will be taking the kids trick or treating. If you have to go very far, try to carpool with other parents to save on gas. If you get more than your kids can use, share some with other people. Take extras to nursing homes or other places where the visit will be as appreciated as the candy.

Instead of trick or treating with your kids, have them help you bake cookies or healthy snacks to take to a homeless shelter or assisted living center. Call first to see if homeade treats are welcome. This can become a fun tradition to start with your kids to teach them the fun of giving treats.


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    • NiaLee profile image

      NiaLee 6 years ago from BIG APPLE

      I love mother nature and I find your hub great to get our kids used to healthy choices for us all. The shelter idea is the greatest. I do give heathy treats to my kids for Halloween: raisin, dry apricot, trail mix, nuts, etc... I used fabric bags that we reused to decorate a corner of the bedroom and keep crayons. Thanks again for the great hub!:-))