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Having Fun While Being Snowed In

Updated on January 26, 2011

It's that time of year again.  Snow storms a'plenty and freezing temperatures.  If you live in the North Eastern United States, you know that lots of snow is usually on the forecast.  But even in the Midwest and Northwest, you don't escape the snow either.  Despite the impaired conditions, it is not often that schools are affected, as the cities do a good job of plowing the streets in order to make way for the school buses.  And you know that if schools are closed, chances are there will be many businesses who will follow suit.  In some cases, you may not have a choice and will have to take the day (or several days) off of work because of large snow drifts blocking you from getting to your car, or else your car is not able to start.

Either way,  now you are faced with a snow-day.  So what can you do with your time?  After you've crawled back into bed and have taken a refreshing snooze, how about watching a movie or curling up with a book?  After that, follow a favorite recipe and enjoy the fruits of your labor.  If that gets redundant, you can always browse the Internet for something else to do - like learn a new hobby, participate in a chat or forum board, or just about anything you like. 

It might be a good time to organize your house or rearrange furniture.  Why not pick a room, and make it look great?  If you have any energy left, you can tackle another area.  Just because it's miserable outside, doesn't mean the inside of your home has to be a wreck - since you'll likely have to get used to being in your surroundings for a while. 

When you start to feel caged in, no one says you can't go outside for a brisk walk, sledding, or just to shovel some snow.  If you have a dog, going outside is unfortunately unavoidable, so you will have to brave the weather at some point anyway.  It's a good opportunity to get some exercise if you otherwise would not be motivated to do so.

If you have children in the house along with you, you can plan some activities to do together - coloring, building, or any of the afore-mentioned suggestions above (depending on their ages).  And if you are alone, why not catch up on the lives of your friends and family by picking up the phone?  Between that and writing letters or emails to them, and by keeping yourself busy with various tasks, you will be able to make any snow-day a fun (and possibly a productive) day.


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