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Hawaiian Luau Party Ideas

Updated on August 17, 2014

A Hawaiian Luau party is an excellent way to have fun with the many fantastic ideas available. And there are many, from decorating to cooking we have all the ideas you need to get the party started.

Hawaiian Luau parties are fun ideas for birthdays, reunions, church picnics, outdoor weddings and more. Be creative and have fun planning and decorating for your big Hawaiian party blowout! It's nice if you can match colors and designs for your entire party, but it's not absolutely necessary! Luaus are all about color and flowers, so whatever you choose to decorate with will be acceptable.

You have the perfect tools right here to help you get started with your Hawaiian Luau party! Your invitations, decorations, tableware, recipes and more! Let the planning begin!!!

Hawaiian Luau Party Invitations

Your Hawaiian Luau Party calls for some great Hawaiian Luau Party Invitations. You have some terrific options to choose from here, to get the announcement out about your Luau party!

Your Hawaiian Luau invitations should include your name, the type of party, the date, the time, and any special instructions and announcements (costumes, dishes to bring, games, prizes, etc.).

It's great if you can find invitations that match the colors of your Hawaiian Luau party theme, too! Try to keep everything matching as close as possible, and others will be impressed by your planning skills! If you can't match exactly though, it's OK, because Luaus are full of colors, flowers and different designs, so whatever invitations you decide on will be perfect!

Guests are going to be thrilled to get professional and customized invitations to your party!

Hawaiian Luau Party Food Ideas

Get great Hawaiian Luau party food ideas from the videos and cookbook featured below. The Hawaiian cookbook will show you how to prepare the best Hawaiian delicacies for your Hawaiian Luau party. Make appetizers, main courses and desserts with recipes from the cookbook and the featured videos! Your Hawaiian Luau food will be as authentic as it can be when you prepare some of this wonderful food for your family and other guests!

Serve this delicious food on your Hawaiian tableware, and pretty, decorated table, and it will make your dining experience all the more welcoming and enjoyable! You have all the tools needed on this page for a fabulous Hawaiian Luau feast! This entire experience will be memorable for all who attend your party, and you can bet that guests are going to look forward to future parties that you throw!

Best of the Best from Hawaii: Selected Recipes from Hawaii's Favorite Cookbooks (Best of the Best State Cookbook)
Best of the Best from Hawaii: Selected Recipes from Hawaii's Favorite Cookbooks (Best of the Best State Cookbook)

Learn all the best Hawaiian recipes from this luau cookbook. This cookbook will give you some of the most tasty native dishes and much more. Along with the recipes, you will also get amazing facts and photos of Hawaii's history and culture. This will surely give you more ideas on your Hawaiian luau party!

Dressing up (and dancing) is great party idea!
Dressing up (and dancing) is great party idea! | Source

Hawaiian Luau Party Decorations & Tableware

Bring a touch of the Hawaiian tropics to your party with fabulous decorations that will bring festive fun and a tropical feel to your Luau party! There's a kit featured below that includes all of your dinnerware and table decorations, as well as balloons, streamers and ribbons, and there are more Hawaiian Luau party decorations for sale here, too. If you're going to celebrate, you might as well do it up right, and go all out with decorations and other party accessories! A Luau is a blast to decorate for, too! This is something that you and your guests will enjoy!

Would You Throw A Hawaiian Luau Party?

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